Fear Itself [Spoilers]

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    Fear Itself [Spoilers]

    Has anybody else been watching this show on NBC? If not, don't bother. It sucks.

    It looks like it's supposed to be the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits of horror, where they have a different unrelated horror story each week. I've seen two episodes, and while honestly I haven't been fully paying attention I think I can safely say they were both terrible.

    The first one I saw was on last week, and the basic plot was a woman on the day of her wedding receives a note that says, "The person you are about to marry is a serial killer." She goes through with the wedding, but spends the whole show being suspicious of her husband. Not much scary happens. The scariest moment was when somebody knocks really loudly on her door a few times and doesn't answer when she screams, "Who is it?!?" When she finally opens the door there's nobody there.

    The really lame part of that episode was the twist at the end, if you can call it that. Her husband corners her after chasing her around an old church and he admits to having dinner with a woman (or something like that) because he thinks this is why she's been all awkward and trying to run away from him (even though he's been subtly threatening the whole episode - or at least that's what I think they were intending... the acting was a little strained). After he confesses and she realizes he's not a serial killer she says something along the lines of, "You know, I think the mostly deaf priest who delivered the letter to me gave it to the wrong person. It was meant for you." She then puts on a mischievous look and it's pretty obvious they're suggesting that she's the serial killer. WTF?!? Why the heck was she so scared of him all the time if she killed people on a regular basis? I didn't buy it in the least.

    The second episode I just finished watching, and while it was a little scarier than the first I found it really predictable. It takes place in a police station where they're keeping a Hannibal Lecter character called the Eater, who is known for torturing and eating people. He does this weird chanting voodoo-type thing when they bring him in. I tuned out a little bit after they introduced his character but when I started paying attention again the main character (a female cop) was talking to another cop who was acting kinda strange, trying to freak her out and asking her questions that made him sound like he sorta sympathized with the Eater, like "What do you think human flesh tastes like?" Immediately I think, "okay, he did some voodoo and has possessed this guy." Not quite, but I was close enough to have the rest of the episode mostly ruined for me. Turns out if he eats the heart of somebody he can shapeshift into their form.

    Oh, and I can't leave out the moment when she's alone with the last living guy in the building (who I knew was the Eater as soon as he appeared on camera), and he continues to act frightened when he sees dead bodies, including his own. Give it up, man. She knows, and even if she doesn't know, just kill her already. She's the only one left.

    The ending was a tad redeeming, but the corniness and predictability of the rest of the episode overshadowed it. She ends up killing the guy by eating rat poison and letting him catch and begin eating her. Plus one point for creativity, but minus 10 for predictability in the beginning and bad acting throughout.

    Overall rating of the first two episodes, one out of five.
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    I sorta disagree.

    I watched the episode of “Fear Itself” last night (July 3, “Eater”). It was the second episode I’ve seen, after the premiere. And this one was markedly better than the premier. In fact, I will go so far as to say it was good… right up until the ending. Which was stupid.

    The heroine did not have to get away or even kill the villain. But the method she used to kill the villain was asinine. It reminded me of a scene I saw in another movie where a woman who was to be burned at the stake ate double handfuls of gunpowder and then exploded like a bomb when stuck in the fire. That was bad. Here, the heroine ate rat poison, poisoning her flesh and thus killing the cannibalistic villain. An interesting notion, it just happened to quickly – hell, the poison killed him quicker than it did her. For that matter, she did not respond to rubbing rat poison into her open and raw wound.

    That aside, the acting (over the top with the fat guy), camera work and over all directing weren’t too shabby. The scene with the tongue was surprisingly graphic for non-cable TV.

    On the whole, the series is a wash out.

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