Babylon 5: Outrageous Fortune (Rogues Gallery)

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    Babylon 5: Outrageous Fortune (Rogues Gallery)

    This is the Rogues Gallery for the PbP game Bablyon 5: Outrageous Fortune. Go here for Out of Character discussion.

    First off, the Outrageous Fortune herself:

    Outrageous Fortune, Earth Alliance Civilian Trader
    Medium Spacecraft
    Defence Value: 12 (+2 Handling) or 22 (+10 Jamming, +2 Handling)
    Armour: 15
    Handling: +2
    Sensors: +1
    Stealth: 12 or 22
    Stress: 14
    Features: Atmosphere Capable, Fusion Engine, Minbari Jamming Suite, Targeting Computer (+1)
    Crew: 1 Pilot, 3 Passengers
    Structural Spaces: 15 (Cargo 6, Control 3, Crew 2, Engine
    2, Weapons 2)
    Turret Weapons: Light Particle Gun (Close, Offence 3, 2 weapon spaces)
    Other: +10 bonus to Shake the Lock! orders when Jamming Suite activated.

    The Outrageous Fortune is a well-worn old freighter dating back to the Dilgar war. She's an old cart-horse with little glamour but plenty of reliability, who's passed through the hands of many different and colourful owners. Her last owner was arrested for smuggling and the ship passed to the ISA. Now she serves as transport for covert missions to places where her decorative past is a boon.

    The OF is equipped with EVA suits for all crewmembers, as well as breather units in case of landfall in hostile environments. She has a medikit and toolkits for all on-board systems. The ISA has included a hidden compartment complete with standard issue, unmarked PPGs for all crewmembers. There is also emergency survival and shelter gear in case of planetfall. The stealth systems have been partially modified and can be switched to a higher standard based on Minbari systems. Otherwise the ship is unmodified from EA standard as not to attract too much suspicion.

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    Vurk, Pak'mara Scientist (Doctor)

    Str: 10
    Dex: 10
    Con: 16
    Int: 14
    Wis: 14
    Cha: 9

    Racial Traits:
    Medium size.
    Base speed 20 ft.
    +2 Stealth and Subterfuge, may always treat these as class skills.
    +2 Intrigue used to gather information.
    +2 Investigate used to search an area.
    Great Fortitude feat for free.
    Immune to many common diseases, poisons and some toxic atmospheres.
    Fluency (English) - understand only, need a translator unit to converse in non-pak'ma'ra languages.
    Fluency (pak'ma'ra)

    Class Abilities:
    Mental Agility: may make Operations, Knowledge and Technical checks untrained.
    Primary Area of Study: Medical. Add class levels to this skill.

    HP: 8
    Fort: +5
    Reflex: +0
    Will: +4

    Proficiencies: pistol weapons

    Bonus: Great Fortitude
    1: ?

    Skills (Rank only): 40 skill Points
    Computer Use (Int) 4
    Concentration (Con) 2
    Investigate (Int) 4
    Knowledge (any) (Int)
    - biology 4
    - chemistry 2
    - engineering 2
    - physics 2
    Linguistics (Int) 2
    Medical (Int) 4
    Profession (white collar) (Int) 2
    Technical (any) (Int)
    - electronics 2
    - mechanical 2
    Stealth (Dex) 4
    Subterfuge (Cha) 4

    Credits: 2400
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    Name: Ashley Logan
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Licensed Commercial Telepath

    Description: Ashley is a study in contrasts. Though of small stature and build, she often seems to take up much more 'personal space.' It's not uncommon for her to occupy a small clear area even in tight crowds. She has fiery red-orange hair that she keeps short, scruffy, and dyed black...and pale, lightly freckled skin marred by dark sleepless arcs under her deep brown eyes. Her humorless, haunted demeanor detracts from her natural good looks significantly. While generally cute in a sort of emo/gothy way, she'd probably be really beautiful if she just smiled.

    Str 8
    Dex 11 3
    Con 12 4
    Int 14 6
    Wis 10 2
    Cha 16 10

    Fort +2
    Ref +1
    Will +5
    Defence +1

    Hit points: 11/11

    Race Abilities
    Bonus Feat
    Bonus skill points

    Class Abilities
    P-11 Telepathy
    Accidental Scan: GM controlled ability to sometimes get telepathic flashes without meaning to.
    Danger Sense: GM rolls a telepathy check for you against DC 20. If you succeed you're not surprised.
    Mind Shield: You add your P-rating to Will saves against telepathic abilities. You can lower the shield if you want as a free action.
    Discipline Focus (Sensing)

    Skills : 28+6+4
    * Concentration (Con) +7 (6 ranks + 1 con)
    * Diplomacy (Cha) +9 (6 ranks + 3 cha)
    * Intrigue (Cha) +8 (5 ranks + 3 cha)
    * Investigate (Int) +10 (5 ranks + 2 int + 3 feat)
    * Knowledge (telepathy) (Int) +8 (6 ranks + 2 Int)
    * Notice (Wis) +5 (5 ranks + 0 Wis)
    * Telepathy (Cha) +9 (6 ranks + 3 cha)

    +6 Bureau of Telepath Integration
    +8 ISA

    - Proficiency: Pistol Weapons
    - Telepathy
    - Skill Focus: Investigate
    - Adaptive Mind
    - Improved Initiative

    At the tender age of 24, Ashley has seen things no one should ever have to. During the 'Telepath Crisis,' she watched brothers and sisters (as she saw things) turn on each other like feral dogs. A young telepath in training with the Psi-Corps when the war started, Ashley was quickly recruited into the war effort as an intelligence analyst; a job she was well suited for and performed admirably at. Maybe TOO admirably.

    In doing field work to try to track and anticipate 'terrorist' movements, Ashley found herself in a situation where the information coming to her wasn't entirely vetted by the Corps. After nearly a year of following up on the attacks of Lyta's revolutionaries, more and more often Ashley found herself in a position where she was actually investigating allegations of Psi-Corps operatives conducting retaliatory strikes in stark violation of Earth Alliance law and all moral imperative.

    The final straw came as the situation degenerated entirely. Ashley was assigned to interrogations, despite her lack of training in the area, since all available 'combat telepaths,' were needed for the conflict. After just a week, she'd seen enough for any two lifetimes, and her sneaking doubts and concerns had exploded into convictions. The war had to any cost. The Psi Corps might have been mother and father, but it was also thoroughly corrupt; and some crimes couldn't be overlooked.

    She thought through her steps, planning as quickly as possible since she knew her new disloyalty would be exposed at the next routine scan. When she escaped the Corps, she brought with her as much information as she could on military and strategic planning...hoping that armed with this advantage, the 'rebels' would be able to achieve significant gains without necessarily requiring catastropic military casualties...the murder of telepaths on either side.

    After the war officially ended with the disbanding of Psi-Corps, Ashley went private as a 'lowly' commercial telepath, though she was offered an intelligence role in the new Bureau. She didn't want to put herself in a position to be personally affected when, like the Psi Corps before it, the well-intentioned BTI rotted from the inside and had to be put down like a well-loved family dog with rabies. Once was more than enough.

    Credits 65

    Shock Stick, 1d8nl, 2lbs, 150cr
    Diplomat Attire 500cr, 8lbs (DR 1)

    Wrist Comm, 200cr
    Throat Comm, 80cr
    Jumpsuit, 80cr, 3lbs
    Cold Weather Clothing, 125cr, 16lbs

    5 antipoison, 400cr
    5 oxy-pill, 200cr
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    Kevin Cole
    Male Human Ranger 1
    HT: 6'0" WT: 190 Hair: Red Eyes: Green

    STR: 16 (+3) [10 points]
    DEX: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    CON: 13 (+1) [5 points]
    INT: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    WIS: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    CHA: 8 (-1) [0 points]

    HP: 8 AC: 13 (10 base + 2 dex + 1 class)
    Saves: FORT: +2 (1 base +1 con) REF: +3 (1 base +2 dex) WILL: +3 (1 base +2 misc)
    Init: +2
    Speed: 30'

    Bab: 1

    Skills(Total/Ranks):[28 Points] Stealth (+7/4), Pilot(+6/4), Acrobatics(+6/4), Athletics(+7/4), Computer Use(+4/4), Investigate(+4/4), Notice(+4/4)

    Feats: [2] Two-Weapon Fighting, Off-Hand Expert

    Class Features: Martial Arts, Exotic Proficiency: Denn'bok,
    Discipline of the Ranger, Fearless

    Languages: Common, Minbari(Adrenato)

    Equipment: Denn'bok, Ranger Pin, Ranger Cloak(DR 2)
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    Imagination is the ability to come up with New Ideas.

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    Point buy 25: STR 12, DEX 13, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 10, CHA 12

    Minbari Fleet Officer 2
    Languages: English, Minbari (Light, Grey, Dark)
    Init: 3
    Speed: 40
    HP: 9

    Minbari Military 6
    Minbari Political 1
    ISA 5

    -Fort: 1
    -Ref: 1
    -Will: 3

    BAB: 2
    -Melee: 4
    -Ranged: 3

    Defence: 10+2+1=13
    DR: 2

    -Denn'bok +5 (1d6+2)
    -Laser +3 (3d6) 18-20/x2

    STR 14
    DEX 13
    CON 12
    INT 14
    WIS 10
    CHA 10

    Class Features: Branch (Fleet),

    Feats: B=Weapon Focus (Denn'bok),
    C=Spacecraft Proficiency, C=Close Combat Weapons,
    C=Grenade Weapons, C=Pistol Weapons, 1=Enhanced Speed,
    Fl=Veteran Spacehand

    Computer Use 5+2=7
    Intimidate - 1+0=1
    Knowledge - tactics 5+2=7
    Operations - Piloting 5+2+1=8
    Operations - Systems 5+2+1=8
    Pilot 5+1+1=7
    Stealth (CC) 2+1-1=2

    Minbari Laser
    Padded Armor

    Sarhat ra'Ahaelden
    Sarhat of Fire Wings is one of the youngest of the prestigious clan and protege of Satai Shakat himself. Fresh out of officer training Sarhat had just been assigned to the crew of Valen'tha when Shakat assigned a special mission on him. He was to join a task-force of ISA operatives on a mission of mercy to find a cure for the plague on human homeworld. It was obviously a test on Sarhat's resolve and he is not going to fail the Satai.

    Sarhat represents what is best in the Warrior Caste. He is brave to the extreme, loyal to his comrades in arms (even if they were of different race) to the point of being ready to die in their defence and strong sense of duty, as well as the combat skills and tactics training that made him capable leader in his own.

    Sarhat is too young to have been in the wars but his teachers' views had an impact on the student and as such he holds a certain disdain for humans and a bit of general xenophoby, but not enough to distract him from his duty.
    Character portrait
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    Lauren Kitanaka

    Lauren Deluna grew up in the southern parts of California on Earth. At an early age she took to interest in electronics and ships. Her father taught her a considerable amount about piloting ships and the use of the piloting system aboard ships. As she grew up her interests became pest to her parents, so they would buy her all the latest info that she could read up on. At the age of 13 her mother became pregnant again. Nine months later her baby sister Inez was born. Lauren helped to raise Inez as her mother had to get a job to help pay for some of the expenses of the new child. Lauren would read up on child rearing and other medicinal information, and she gained a new ambition in medicine.

    After five years her mother no longer had to work to support the family of four and Lauren was already submitting her application to the University in the Marsdome. Being that her curricular studies in school were fantastic [GPA 4.0] and her extra curricular schedule meant working in a hospital and repairing old ships and getting them in flying order, she was a natural shoe-in. One year later during her summer break she met a handsome young man of Chinese decent by the name of Huang Kitanaka. The two hit it off instantly and kept courting until Lauren completed her studies. It was two months before she completed her studies at the University that the Drakh Plague descended on Earth. It wasn’t long that she got word that her mother, father and baby sister were among the first dead. Driven to tears, she needed Huang now more than ever. Lauren managed to keep her strength and finish school.

    It was three months after graduating that she and Huang got married. It wasn’t a big ceremony, just the two of them and a handful of their friends as the witnesses. Shortly thereafter they got an apartment together and Huang went to back to work. It took Lauren a couple of weeks longer to sort out her emotions and decide on what she wanted to do. She came to the conclusion that she would go to work full time in the hospital.

    It wasn’t much longer that Lauren became a widow. Huang was caught up in a terrorist attack and was the first executed among the hostages. Lauren saw it on the news. She nearly committed suicide, having nothing left to live for. An angel by the name of Miriam Webb cleaned Lauren up after finding her in a supply closet in the hospital, both her wrists cut and having lost massive amounts of blood. Lauren came back to the land of the living after being in a two week coma. As soon as she was released from the hospital Lauren went home and cried. She cried until she just couldn’t anymore. She swore she’d never let anyone else close to her heart. She had lost everyone she had ever loved and she promised herself that by being closed-hearted she would have nothing to lose.

    After a year of repairing broken down electronics and dilapidated ships an Officer by the name of Vincent Knight saw her skills and talked her into joining the military. After hearing about a rumor that vessels have been deployed to find a cure for the Drakh Plague she decided to seek out any chance she could get at being among those that could make a difference.

    After four years of throwing her self at every opportunity, a glimmer of hope by the name of Outrageous Fortune came her way.
    Character Sheet & Portrait
    Name:           Lauren Kitanaka			Age:		26			|
    Class           Officer (Fleet)    		Gender:		Female			|
    Level:          OFCR 01				Homeland:	Earth / So. Cal.        |
    Race:           Human				Height:		5' 11"			|
    Size:           Medium				Weight:		190 lbs.		|
    Speed:          30 feet				Skin:		Milky Brown		|
    Eyes:		Brown				Hair:		Dark Brown		|
    ABILITIES	Score  Mod  Cost  | DEFENCE VALUE  12 |-|         OTHER NOTES         |-|
    Strength	 10	+0   02   |  Base          10 |-|-----------------------------|-|
    Dexterity	 12	+1   04   |  Class	   +1 |-|                             |-|
    Constitution	 10	+0   02   |  Reflex        +1 |-|                             |-|
    Intelligence	 16	+3   10   |-------------------|-|                             |-|
    Wisdom           13     +1   05   | DMG REDUCTION  02 |-|                             |-|
    Charisma	 10	+0   02   |-------------------|-|                             |-|
    ----------------------------------| GRAPPLE        +1 |-|                             |-|
    HIT POINTS	Total             |  BAB           +1 |-|                             |-|
    Class	          6               |  STR           +0 |-|                             |-|
    ----------------------------------|  Size          00 |-|                             |-|
    SAVING THROWS                     |-------------------|-|                             |-|
    	       Fort   Ref    Will | ATTACK BONUS   +1 |-|                             |-|
    Total           +0     +1     +3  |-------------------|-|                             |-|
    Base Save       +0     +0     +2  | INITIATIVE     +1 |-|                             |-|
    Ability         +0     +1     +1  |-------------------|-|                             |-|
    Feat           xxx    xxx    xxx  | P-Rating       00 |-|                             |-|
    Conditional    xxx    xxx    xxx  |                   |-|                             |-|
    	       Attack                                                                   |
    ATTACK	       Bonus    Damage   Critical   Range   Type   Weight   Notes               |
    Unarmed		+1	 1d3	  20/x2      n/a     LB     n/a     Non-Lethal          |
    Gauntlet        +1       1d3      20/x2      n/a     LB     1 lb.   Lethal              |
    Auricon EF-7    +2       2d8     19–20/x2   60 ft.  LT EN   1 lb.   AP 1 Auto; PPG      |
                           Key      Skill     Ability       Ranks       Misc.               |
    SKILLS		     Ability   Modifier   Modifier   Class Skill   Modifier   Notes     |
    Computer Use           INT       +07        +03          04/y                           |
    Knowledge              INT       ---        ---          ----                           |
     - Biology             ---       +07        +03          04/y                           |
     - Enginerring         ---       +07        +03          04/y                           |
    Medical                INT       +07        +03          04/y                           |
    Operations             INT       ---        ---          ----                           |
     - Piloting            ---       +07        +03          04/y                           |
    Pilot                  DEX       +05        +01          04/y                           |
    Technical              INT       ---        ---          ----                           |
     - Electronics         ---       +07        +03          04/y                           |
    1. Armor Check Penalty                                                                  |
    2. Double Armor Check Penalty                                                           |
    LANGUAGES (Read/Write, Speak) | English                                                 |
    RACIAL TRAITS                                                                           |
    1 Bonus Feat                                                                            |
    4 Extra Skill Points @ 1st Level                                                        |
    +1 Skill Point per level gained                                                         |
    				    CHARACTER   CLASS &                                 |
    FEATS/ABILITY SCORE INCREASES         LEVEL      LEVEL    SOURCE                        |
    Close Combat Weapons                    1       OFCR 01   Officer Class Feature         |
    Fluency: English                        1       OFCR 01   Human Package Feat            |
    Grenade Weapons                         1       OFCR 01   Officer Class Feature         |
    Hobby (Operations: Piloting)            1       OFCR 01   Standard 1st Level Feat       |
    Hobby (Pilot)                           1       OFCR 01   Human Bonus Feat              |
    Pistol Weapons                          1       OFCR 01   Officer Class Feature         |
    Spacecraft Proficiency                  1       OFCR 01   Officer Bonus Feat            |
    PLANNED PICKS                                                                           |
    Skill Focus (Pilot)                     3       OFCR 02   Standard 3rd Level Feat       |
    Strength +1 (11)                        4      SNTST 02   Standard 4th Lvl Ab. Increase |
    EQUIPMENT	                    COST        WEIGHT  | CREDITS                    50 |
    Bedroll                            35 cr        3 lbs.  |-------------------------------|
    Blanket                            15 cr        2 lbs.  |   OTHER BELONGINGS [STOWED]   |
    Carryall                           25 cr        1 lb.   |                               |
    Communicator (Throat Mike)         80 cr        - ----  | Cold Weather Clothing  16 lbs |
    Dress Uniform                     250 cr        4 lbs.  |                               |
    First Aid Kit x2                  160 cr        4 lbs.  |                               |
    Flashlight                         10 cr        1 lb.   |                               |
    Identicard                        --- --        - ----  |                               |
    Padded Armor                      250 cr       18 lbs.  |                               |
    Toolkit (Electronic)              200 cr        3 lbs.  |                               |
                                                            |                               |
    Encumbrance                                    38 lbs.  |                               |
                                                            |                               |
    Light:                                         33 lbs.  |                               |
    Medium:                                        66 lbs.  |                               |
    Heavy:                                        100 lbs.  |                               |
    Push/Drag:                                    500 lbs,  |                               |
    Lift:                                         200 lbs.  |                               |
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    OSRICI Defended The Walls!Gygax Memorial Fund

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    Kirth Warren

    Kirth Warren

    Human, age 31
    Kirth Warren
    Agent 2 / Soldier 1
    HP: 6 (CL1/Agent1) +1 con, +3 (CL2/Soldier1) +2 (Agent2) = 12

    BAB = +2; close=+3, ranged=+3
    Def Bonus = 10+1soldier+1dex+1Agent2=13

    Fort: +2+1con=+3
    Ref: +3+1dex=+4
    Will: +0

    S 12 +1
    D 13 +1
    C 12 +1
    I 13 +1
    W 11
    C 12 +1

    1st level std.: Improved Initiative
    Human bonus: Spacecraft Proficiency
    Agent 1 bonus: Master of the Craft -- Skill Focus, Computer Use
    Soldier 1 bonus: Point Blank Shot
    Agent 2 bonus: Operations (gunnery) is made a class skill for Agent

    Skills: (points at CL 1, Agent 1=40, CL2, Soldier 1 =5)
    Acrobatics 2 +2 CL2 +1 dex = +5
    Athletics 2 +1 str = +3
    Computer Use 4 +1 (CL2) +1 int +3 Master of the Craft bonus +2(CL3) = +11
    Linguistics 4 +1 int = +5
    Notice 4 +0 wis = +4
    Operations (Gunnery) 4 +1(CL2) +1 int +2(CL3) = +8
    Profession (Blue Collar) 4 +0 wis = +4
    Stealth 4 +1 dex +2(CL3) =+7
    Subterfuge 4, +1 (CL2) +1 dex = +6
    Technical (Electronics) 4 +1 CL2 +1 int +2 (CL3) = +8
    Technical (Mechanical) 4 +1 int = +5

    Tools and Guns, Tools and Guns.

    Kirth Warren was a soldier with the Earth Forces, and technically, he still is, but he is on extended assignment posing as a 'blue collar' electronic and mechanical tech which will hopefully allow him to overhear some choice items, as perhaps he will be dismissed as unimportant, just a typical worker. Unbeknownst to most people, Kirth has at least a smattering of knowledge of some of the tongues of certain non-human races, but, perhaps just enough to get him deeper into trouble than complete ignorance would do?

    When Kirth originally enlisted with EarthForce, his crew rating was as Ship's Tech's Mate II. After a bit of wiring and soldering, though, he became bored with this and decided to cross-train in a more physical MOS. He immediately regretted this choice and fled that assignment just as soon as he could. He's a happy little tech again now, and grateful to have the luxury of being bored. As opposed to having new holes spring open in various body parts. Now, if he wants excitement, he studies alien languages.

    Equipment, Influence coming soon to a character sheet near you
    Level3 for Kirth accomplished!
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    Croft Callo:
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Hair: Spiky black w/ short crest that is spiked back instead of out.
    Eyes: Blue
    Pronounced Canines (Liati Smile)
    Skin Color: Swarthy Tan
    Croft Callo

    P-Rating 11
    Discipline Focus - Biokinetics

    Str 8
    Dex 10
    Con 10
    Int 13
    Wis 12
    Cha 18

    HP 10
    Def 11

    Saves: Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +6 (+17 vs telepathy)

    Skills (32 points):
    Telepathy 6+4
    Sense Motive 4+1
    Knowledge (telepathy) 1+1
    Knowledge (Shadows) 3+1+3
    Knowledge (First Ones) 1+1
    Knowledge (Engineering) 1+1
    Concentration 6
    Appraisal 5+1
    Bluff 1+4+2
    Intrigue 1+4+2
    Diplomacy 1+4
    Notice 2+1

    ISA Economic 4
    Centari Economic 4
    LNW Economic 3
    Criminal 1

    Skill Focus: Knowledge (Shadows)

    800 Flak Jacket
    50 Stress Bit
    600 PPG Auricon EF-7
    120 +2 Caps
    700 Translator
    125 Cold weather Clothing
    Lounge outfit
    25 Carryall
    200 Wrist link
    200 Oxy pills X5
    30 Resyk pills X6
    750 Mendorphine SlapPatch
    Ident Card
    Business License: Class A
    0-G suit

    Synaptic Relay Duplexer

    House Callo hasn't held with the isolationist standpoint of the Centarum taking it as a personal affront to have its business contacts arbitrarily slashed and burned in the name of pure political maneuvering. Many of the house's noble lines were living away from Centari Prime during the Shadow War, and thought it prudent to just stay out of the way during the whole fiasco. With strong ties throughout the trading community of the galaxy, House Callo didn't get mixed up in the whole shadow corruption thing. Staying out in amongst the stars while many of the other houses retreated under the Centarum's skirt has proven very advantageous.

    Being born into House Callo both as a telepath and with the "Liati Smile", Croft's future had been all but predetermined. So while waiting until he is of suitable exeprience to be recruited by the mindhawks, the youngster started learning about the commerce of the galaxy. While other Centari were running from anything different, he had the opportunity to learn about all the different things that other races had to offer.

    Of course being the impetuous youth that he is, Croft decided to conduct his trading business clear on the other side of the known galaxy just to spite his family. This side of the rim seemes to have much more interestinng bits a alien culture and technology for him to study and collect anyway.
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    Victor 'Vector' Hawthorne
    Human, Male
    28 years old

    Victor is around 6ft tall, lanky and thin, the typical build of someone born on a low gravity world. He has since adjusted and carries a little more lean muscle on his slender frame. His hair is pale blonde and hangs messily around his eyes which are a dark emerald-green. Victor's skin is pale, almost alabaster, often giving people the impression that he is somewhat 'sickly.

    Lvl 2 Lurker/Lvl 1 Scientist
    Str 10   Int 12
    Dex 14  Wis 11
    Con 12  Chr 14
    HP 9    Spd 30ft   BAB +1 
    Fort +4   Ref +4   Will +4
    Initiative +2
    DV 16
    Appraise +5         Computer Use +2
    Athletics +2         Concentration +2
    Bluff +11             Linguistics +3
    Drive +3             Medical +2
    Intimidate +6       Profession (Tech-Runner) +4
    Intrigue +5          Investigate +3
    Knowledge (Tal-Kon'Sha) +7
    Notice +2            Stealth +4
    Subterfuge +4
    Class/Racial Features
    Lurker's Knowledge (+2 to Intrigue)
    Survivor's Luck 1/day
    Mental Agility
    Primary Area of Study (Tal-Kon'sha)
    Latent Telepath (P0)
    Lightning Reflexes
    Iron Will
    Skill Focus (Bluff)
    (Local/Criminal/ Tribon City +5
    (Corporate) VoidCorp +2
    (League) Drazi +1
    PPG (W&G Model)
    Some data crystals with notes on the Tal-Kon'Sha that Vector has written, and some personal files.  
    A twisted, dull-grey, metal fragment hooked round a chain that Vector wears either round his neck or wrapped around his wrist.
    I have no idea how you guys add in the 'show' button and I gave up trying to work it out :P

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