[Rogues Gallery] Into The Vortex: Interdimensional Explorers
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    [Rogues Gallery] Into The Vortex: Interdimensional Explorers

    OOC Thread / IC Thread

    Please use this thread to post your characters for our game.
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    Alexander Dubchek, Strong Hero 5
    Occupation: Adventurer
    1) Melee smash I, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw
    2) [Blind fight], Two Weapons Fighting
    3) Melee smash II,
    4) Advanced Firearms Proficiency
    5) Melee snash III, Exotic Firearms Proficiency [grenade launchers]

    Starting wealth: 11

    Str: 18 +4 (13 points, +1 level)
    Dex: 13 +1 (5 points)
    Con: 12 +1 (4 points)
    Int: 14 +2 (6 points)
    Wis: 10 +0 (2 points)
    Cha: 10 +0 (2 points)

    Equipment. Stored in a secret room at home. You will notice that I have no firearms. That is intentional

    40 lb. Capacity Aluminium travel case
    Range pack
    Different outfits, including a parka. (no business or formal suit)
    Cell phone
    Digital audio recorder
    Steel handcuffs x2
    Standard binoculars
    Chemical light sticks (5)
    Climbing gear
    Battery flood Flashlight
    Rope 2x150ft
    Sleeping bag
    2-person dome tent
    Standard scope

    5x Perfect knife (DC 10)

    AC: 14
    Hit points:32= 8+19+5

    Attack: Knife +10 (+5 bab+4 str+1 dmg) Damage: 1d4+7 (+4str+3melee smash)

    Full attack: Knife +8/Knife +8 Damage: 1d4+7/1d4+7

    Fort +4
    Ref +2
    Will +1

    Reputation : 1

    - Profession (photographer) +8
    - Swim +12
    - Move silently (occupation) + 9
    - Hide (occupation) +9
    - Climb +10
    - Speak/Write: Russian (mother tongue), English

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    Block serow

    Russian-born Chinese student, majoring in mechanical engineering. Average student, nothing outstanding academically but likes tinkering with bikes and robots. Was called in by Professor Jalinski one day to help adjust some cables and stuff for a "quiet project".

    "Kaen" Kong Kai En, Dedicated Hero 5
    Occupation: Technician (because Student doesn't have Repair)
    Wealth: 2d4+5+3 = 12

    Str 12
    Dex 15
    Con 14
    Int 12
    Wis 15 +1 = 16
    Cha 10

    Notable Skills: Computer Use +9, Drive +6, Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +3, Knowledge (Technology) +3, Listen +11, Repair +12, Spot +11, Tumble +6, Treat Injury +11

    HP: 30 (6 + 4d6=14 + 2x5=10)
    AC: 15 (10 base + 3 class + 2 Dex)
    Fort +5 (3 base + 2 Con)
    Ref +3 (1 base + 2 Dex)
    Will +6 (3 base + 3 Wis)

    Reputation: +2
    Languages: English, Chinese, Russian

    1) Simple Weapon Prof, Skill Emphasis (Repair), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Personal Firearms Proficiency
    2) Track, Heroic Surge
    3) Aware
    4) Educated (Physical Sciences, Technology)
    5) Cool Under Pressure (Computer Use, Drive, Repair, Survival, Tumble, Treat Injury), Improved Initiaitive

    Equipment: casual clothing, cell phone, multipurpose tool
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    Quote Originally Posted by serow View Post
    Equipment: getting to it, can't rmbr how the purchase DC system works
    If the purchase DC is equal to or less than your Wealth, you automatically add it to your inventory without your wealth dropping.

    Check here for the rest of the info.

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    Name: Steven Bishop
    Class: Strong Hero 3 Advanced Class: Soldier 2
    Age: 23 Height: 6'1" Weight: 194lb

    Wealth:6=base5+1occupation+3Windfall+4roll-7from purchases
    Attack Bonus: Ranged:6=5BAB+1dex Melee:8=5BAB+3str
    Fort:2 Ref:1 Will:1

    STR: 16 (10 points)
    DEX: 13 (4 points)+1
    CON: 16 (10 points)
    INT: 10 (2 points)
    WIS: 10 (2 points)
    CHA: 12 (4 points)

    Skills:Knowledge(tactics)9, Move Silently7, Climb9, Drive6, Listen5

    Feats: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Windfall, Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Combat Martial Arts, Improved Initative, AdvClass:Weapon Focus(M16A2), Simple Weapons Proficiency, AdvClass:Weapon Specialization(M16A2)

    Talents: Extreme Effort, Improved Extreme Effort

    -M16A2(5.56mm assault rifle)(semi-auto,automatic) 30box, Dmg:2d8, Crit/20, 80ft range, Weight:8lb, Purchase DC:16 Size:large
    -Beretta92F(9mm autoloader)(semi-auto)15box, DMG:2d6, Crit/20, 40ft range, 3lb Purchase DC:16 Size:small
    -Knife DMG:1d4, Crit/19-20, piercing, Weight:1lb, Purchase DC:7, Size:tiny
    -50box(5.57ammo)x3 Weight:3lb, Purchase DC:4
    -30box(9mm ammo)x3 Weight:2lb, Purchase DC:5
    -Light Duty Vest +5EquipBonus, +2NonproofBonus, +3MaxDexBonus, (-4)AbilityPenalty, speed:25ft, weight:8lb, Purchase DC:16
    -Pistol Supressor Tiny, Weight:1lb, Purchase DC:12
    -Rifle Supressor Small, Weight:4lb, Purchase DC:14
    -Hip holster tiny, Weight:1lb, Purchase DC:5
    -Zip-tie(25) Weight:0.5lb, Purchase DC:6
    -Starndard flashlight Weight:2lb, Purchase DC:6
    -Fatiguesx2 Purchase DC:9


    I tried to hurry so I didn't slow ya'll down.

    Steven Bishop never really had a place to call home. He was put up for adoption shortly after he was born and grew up a lonely child. A week after turning 7, he was adopted by an eldery couple who moved around the country. So Steven was never in a single school longer than a year. Alway being a 'new kid' Steven was a target for bullies. So he forced himself to work out and get stronger. At 18, he joined the Royal Marines. Here he was able to make friends and brothers. after his basic training, Steven was shipped of to the Iraq War. Where he's served for 5 years and helped take down a leading member of a terrorist group. Then about a month ago, Stevens CO asked for a volenteer to travel to Russia to help some russians with a 'project'. Steven signed up immedatly, hoping to get away from all the heat. A few of his squad members resented him for wanting to leave, but Steven is eager to get to wherever to do whatever.


    Standing at 6'1", Steven is skinny but well toned. His black hair is in a buzz cut style and his face is completely free of facial hair, standard military procedure. He has high ambitions and wants to be well known for something. Fights as a child leaves his face and body scarred, and due to a lack of a proper education, he never became a learned person. When not on military business, he is a very relaxed person. Steven is always looking to advance his military career.
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