D&D 4th Edition [4e] 4th ed Living EnW - Char. Creation: VERDICT->CORE + mildly scrutized MM RACES

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Poll: Character Choice, how should we do it?

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    [4e] 4th ed Living EnW - Char. Creation: VERDICT->CORE + mildly scrutized MM RACES

    PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO 4TH EDITION ENWORLD. It's is only partially complete, but it's an easy way to find out about what we're talking about.

    These are series of polls regarding the creation of a new PbP ENWorld Living World, using the new 4th Edition rules. If you are not familiar with the idea of a PbP Living World, check out the already created (and highly active) Living ENWorld, Living Eberron, and Living Superheroes.

    The possibility of a new Living World using 4th Edition rules (L4W, for short) has been discussed extensively in this thread. If you are interested in playing in L4W, please vote here and consider joining the discussion.
    The first poll result has indicated that the community would prefer to develop a new setting.

    This is the second poll, it's not about the setting, though we hope to have one of those out soon.
    [There are several different proposals/suggestions floating around including the Transitive Isles, Daunton and the Alliance, and the Broken Seas. (if you want to get involved and put your stamp on the world early visiting the discussion thread and putting in your two cents would be an easy way to do that)]

    This is a poll about character creation. There are two different subjects being discussed. (There is a cleaner version of the poll on the wiki.)

    The "Universe" of Choice: Which books will be available to players when they create their characters?
    If some/all non-core books are going to be allowed we will consider timing later.

    Limited Access to "unusual combinations": Some members have mentioned that they find it disruptive to have lots of "improbable" characters in a setting. A few examples
    • A Living FR Game with many "good drow rangers who dual wield scimitars".
    • a Living Game with a high percentage of a 'rare' race, such as warforged in a Living Eberron game.

    Should the community try to limit access to those races in some fashion? If so, which combinations should be encouraged/discouraged/prohibited/etc? And how?

    The poll is less skewed toward core than it looks. Several people (including me ) clicked on core only but want to include other things. Currently the verdict is: CORE + MM RACES with SOME SCRUTINY OF MM RACES. My tortured rationalizations here.

    How stupid am I?
    Obviously the answer is pretty stupid; deliberately picked the wording. Ah well.

    It's a public poll so you can see who voted for what.
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    Interested in playing 4th edition online? The Living 4th EnWorld Campaign is open! [character creation wiki forum]
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