4E Path of Enlightenment [D&D4E]
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    Path of Enlightenment [D&D4E]

    Lucky Leng and Shen Rui
    It is a sunny and clear day, no clouds in the sky, of a deep blue color. The scent of spring feels strong in the air, and the first flower petals started to fall from the trees about a week ago. The 4 big trees in the school, old trees, even older than the school itself, blossom with such intensity you can’t see their leaves. Master Jiem once told you, that when he arrived to the island, he choused this place in the island to make his school, because of the beautiful trees that welcomed him. You can hear the sound of birds, flying over the master’s house, as they sing their mating songs. To your ears comes the sound of water too, flowing from the little cascade next to [3th characters name]’s house, just outside from the school. There was also the scent of recently baked bread for the dinner, which was waiting in the student’s house until lunch time. As every day, Lucky Leng was the one in charge of going to town in search of the beard and one of Mei Fu’s smiles.
    Some of the students are practicing focus and meditating under the pagodas, while three of them are battling in the arena. You and two other senior students are on your knees, hearing Master Jiem’s tales, about ancient times, about heroes and villains, and about the story of the empire.

    “I will told you the story of the Great Empire once more my students. I know very well that you already know the story, but details are very important. And there is always something to learn, even from a well known tale.” He said, before kneeling in front of you. Master Jiem placed his right fist, closed over his right opened plam, in a posture he always adopts when sitting. He started his story after watching your faces for a moment “Since history is written with ink, there were four nations, which fought each other, for the control of the huge land they shared. Countless skirmishes, countless battles, but no obvious winner.
    Peace was nowhere to be found, until a hero rouse among the common people. His use of the jian, and his straight and clear mind, his focus in battle and his honorable behavior lead him to the throne of his nation.
    Hear his name my students, he was Lu Ian Su, a wise ruler, a great strategist and also, a great warrior. Through smart political moves, he convinced three of the nations to join and create the Great Empire. But the forth nation, the people of the north, brave and proud, didn’t hear reasons; most of them were hunters and nomads, lead by a ferocious ruler, To Mi Fan, the Horse. Lu Ian Su was forced to bring war to the north tribesman. The war extended more than he had thought, because, even in technological disadvantage, and outnumbered, the north people fought for their culture and independence.
    But after 10 years of conflict, with their leader fallen in battle, the north people surrendered, and there was peace for the first time in history.
    The rule of Tenacious Su lasted many years, full of prosperity and peace. Only the heavens could break the harmony of the new empire.
    Some said it was because of the Emperors vanity, or because of his limitless proud, but the heavens were certainly angry with Tenacious Su, and sent The Great Drought to struck the empire. The crops started to wither, the cattle to starve. Eventually, the people starve to death. All that Tenacious Su had built started to crumble and fall apart in his hands. The peasant’s corpses started to pile outside the cities, the land devastated by the drought, converted into an endless wasteland, where no crop could grow.
    Consternated by the situation of his empire, the old Tenacious Su died of a mysterious illness, and his elder son ascended to the throne. Some people think he was poisoned, or even killed by his son, Lu Ian Li, Sagacious Li, the elder of his sons, the actual emperor, who had the political strength of his father.
    Tenacious Su had three more children: Lu Ian Tien, Mastermind Tien, the general of the imperial forces, who had the strategist mind of his father; Lu Ian Sin, Sin Dancing Swords, commander of the elite guard of the emperor, who heir the physical strength and martial arts of his father; and Lu Ian To, Glorious To, High priest of the monastic Order of the Yellow Veil.
    Emperor Li had one great deal of troubles when he took the crown from his dying father. The empire was at the edge of chaos and anarchy, and worst of all, there was no enemy to blame for it, only the merciless will of some forgotten god.
    No one knows exactly how, but after a strange military campaign to the northern wastes, the old homeland of the nomads, the drought was over. The sages predicted 4 more years of drought, but Sagacious Li ended it in just 6 months.
    Some vague tales of this campaign were, eventually, told. Bards sing about the great deeds of the Emperor and his three brothers, who ventured into the wild north, and fought monsters and evil creatures, opening they way to the temple of the Unnamed god. This terrible entity, summoned dire creatures, which killed most of the emperor forces. Mastermind Tien, and Glorious To were murdered in the battlefield, fighting to save their Emperor.
    Sagacious Li prevailed after the Epic Battle, and destroyed the temple for good. It is told that once the temple was destroyed, the waters came back, the rivers ran and the rain fell. In few months, prosperity and balance were restored, bringing the empire to a new golden age.
    Ending his tale, Master Jiem steps up and makes a little bow. “Thanks for listening” he says to you four, before walking away, to the entrance of his house.
    When you step up and look at him, you see that face you could recognize even half sleep. Master Jiem’s face was saying “I need to speak to you two” . That could mean punishment of reward, so that face keeps having the same effect in you, which it always has, even after so much time. Master Jiem enters his house, leaving the door open.
    The other students also recognize that face, specially Go Tao one of the other two senior students. Go Tao is son of Go Tao the Great, a known slave dealer and head of a criminal organization called “The Hidden Claw”. Master Jiem accepted to train Go Tao junior because he thought he could redeem him, for the crimes his father had done. But Go Tao always probes to be more a son of his father, than a student of Master Jiem. He usually claims that the old man never pays any attention to him, and that he prefers both of you, making him aside. Whether he is right or wrong, Go Tao he uses any chance he have to mock you two, since he can’t defeat either of you in battle any more. When Leng was a child, it was Go Tao who usually beat him.
    When Go Tao saw Master Jiem’s face, he turns to you “The old man is calling you ‘boys’, make me a favor and go to his house, may be when you are done there I could receive some education. This is a school right?” He mocks.


    After your agitated past, the life in Tiger’s rest is good. You could have spend the rest of your days there, lonely, just you and the nature. So much time passed, that the days in which you ran over the roof of the houses, pursing a dire enemy of the royal house, seemed like strange dreams in a bad night.
    One day, during your morning meditation you hear a strange voice. You instinctively turn, dagger in hand, ready to cut the throat of a hidden enemy. There was much surprise in you eyes, when your blade pass through an image of Daejo. He was a ghost, and was standing there, looking at you with sadness in his gaze. A terrible sense of surprise, mixed with sorrow, struck you, in such way you have never experienced. A tear ran through your cheek, as you slowly understood what was happening.
    “My dear Koryo, as you can see, I’m dead. Remember when you swear to protect my child, if something ever happened to me? It is time for you to honor our pact my friend. I… I was found… But not by Mask… I was found by an old friend. I had no chance against him, he killed me with one blow, and took my child as his. If I’m right… then he did what he must, and my death was for a greater good. But I fear for my child, please… protect him old friend… I… I need to sleep now… I’m so tired… ” and the spirit banished, leaving you with your eyes staring at nothingness.
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