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    K L S

    Lucky’s cursing triggered some noises inside the building. All of you peek through the window, and see two men wielding a big jian and a gundao.
    They look at you too, alerted by Lucky’s exclamation. The two rush out of your sight in the direction of the front door.

    Roll initiative. Too much combats for me lol

    Ziag and Wang

    “Then I’m afraid your life is forfeit ‘guard’.” The man states, bluntly, and lowers his hand. But instead of an arrow shower, your ears catch a pain scream. The mercenary looks back, surprised. You look there too…
    Your eyes see a huge beast, holding one or the archers in the air. The creature has scaled skin that reflects the low lights of the scene. The other two archers run away to a shooting position, as the beast bites their comrade with its lizard-like head. The man screams in pain, and the sound of blood and broken bones fill your mind with horror. The creature throws the corpse to a side, and looks at the other archers, who release a row of arrows to the creature. One ounce from its armored skin, and the other stick deep in its right foreleg.
    The mercenary leader looks back to you, with helpless eyes.

    Roll initiative again!

    Ban Lu

    Your trained eye tells you that the captain is suffering from an infection of some sort. He is pale, but his cheeks are red because of the temperature he has. As you prepare a fresh watered piece of cloth to apply to his forehead, the most ranked officer answer your questions.
    “No, he is the only one ill master, but he ate the same things you and me ate. I don’t recall him or anyone gone so ill from night to day. He mentioned something wrong about his mouth though…” the man says thoughtfully.
    You sense the source of the infection must be somewhere, and that it’s causing the illness.
    When you turn to take another piece of cloth, you see the sailors peeking through the window. They take hearted glances at you. One of the officers watching that goes out of the captain’s cabin. You hear their conversation, since they are shouting.
    “What are you looking at men? Go back to your work pigs!” the officer yells.
    “What happens to the captain? That warlock must have cursed him!” one of the men says.
    “The captain is a weak man, he’s not the strong man he used to be!” yells another.
    The officer tries to calm the men down, but as you work with the captain, you hear fight noises. Two of the officers rush out, daos in hand. You turn to see a blood-stained window, and the two officers fighting to stop the sailors trying to break in.

    Roll initiative if you wish to get into the fight or try to calm the men down with some words. Make the necessary skill /attack rolls for your actions.-
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    Leng, Kaoru, DM

    With his back to the house, Shen is slow to react to being spotted.

    Init roll (1d20+4=6)

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    Leng, shen, Dm

    Kaoru seems absolutely lost in whatever the voices are telling him.

    ooc: initiative 4
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    Initiative 12

    "What manner of demon is this?" Wang Chi levels his quiang, moves forward cautiously, and suddenly charges, spearpoint gleaming in the firelight.
    OOC: Move action to move 5 squares closer
    Charge: To hit 16, damage 8

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    Lucky Leng reacts like the celestial lightning itself.

    ooc: 24. Includes +2 for being close to Shen.
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    DM & Wang

    Crossbow still in hand, Ziang tries another one of his special bolts against the beast... still without success


    Initiative (1d20+1=13)

    Move: Step back if in melee range with the monster
    minor: reloading
    Standard: Aggravating Force (1d20+7=11, 1d8+4=10) (Cursed crossbow again...

    Mini stat block

    Ziang Yu
    Perception: 17 Insight: 14 Normal Vision
    AC 18 Fortitude 15 Reflex 16 Will 14
    Hit Points: 31 / 31 Bloodied: 15
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Action Points: 0 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge: 7 Surges per day: 9 / 9
    Encounter Powers: Healing Infusion (Restorative Formular, Curative Admixture) 2/2, Repair Object, Spike Wire
    Daily Powers: Caustic Rampart, Restoratve Infusion


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    Ban Lu

    Muttering a curse on all lack-wit sailor's under his breath, Ban Lu turns from the Captain and goes to the door to address the sailors. He raises his Gun and speaks loudly. "This is a time of need. Your Captain is merely ill. I believe I will be able to cure in a very short time. Once he is healthy again he will take a very dim view of your disobedience to your officers. I suggest that you return to your duties now before I am forced to join the officers in defending the Captain. I warn you that it will be a long swim home for those of you who continue to resist the lawful orders of your officers."

    Initiative (1d20+1=11)
    Diplomacy Check (1d20+17=18)

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    "The Black Veil..." Koryo whispers below his breath as he lowers the spyglass. "... you have raised a dreadful storm old friend."

    Studying the sailors around him reading themselves for battle with diffident care, Koryo cannot help but wonder how ill equipped the merchants crew is to face the empire's assassins.

    More audiably he proclaims to the sailors closest to him.
    "These are not pirates... but the black hounds of the empire. They want no gold.. only blood!"

    Pointing to the youngest and boldest among them he orders.
    "YOU! You need to warn the captain than his fever-dreams are sailing against us. We must outsail them or yield. To battle with them would be a grave mistake!"

    Intimidate (Order) young sailor (1d20+1=13)

    Sorry for the delay

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    Kaoru Lucky Shen

    Initiative order:
    Lucky Leng 24
    Bandit 1 19
    Shen Rui 6
    Bandit 2 5
    Kaoru Airhead 4

    You hear the Bandit, making noise and moving inside the house. “Dare to come in, and you’ll taste yer own weapons!” mocks one of them.

    The map will be up tomorrow


    The sacred boy runs to the captain side. You try to hear, but the tumult doesn’t let you focus. The captain’s eyes open wide, as he listen to the boy. Then, the man ask something to the lad, and his reply is pointing at you. The captain raises his sight to find you and frowns. He walks to you, with a determination few men could have in such moment. “Ye! What ‘r ye sayin’ to this lad? Want to scare the crew with stories? Ah? I should have leaved ye in Tiger’s rest! In what ye base yer suppositions and fairy tales?” he asks you.

    Ban Lu

    The impact of your words let the crewmen astonished. Some of them sheathed their weapons, and some turn to return to their obligations. But the truth of your words didn’t get to all the ears. Three of the instigators were still trying to convince the others to mutiny. The officers tried to grab one of them, but the other two drew short jians and the battle started!
    Initiative order:
    15 Rebel sailor 1
    13 Officer 2
    11 Ban Lu
    8 Rebel Sailor 2
    7 Rebel sailor 3
    3 Officer 2

    The imprisoned soldier tried to escape the grip of the two officers, unsuccessfully. The faster officer drew his blade and turned to face the armed foes.

    Check for the map in the first post of the OOC thread: “Blood at the captain┤s door”, but tomorrow. 

    Wang & Ziang

    Initiative order:
    17 Wounded mercenary
    16 Archer mercenary
    16 Mercenary Leader
    13 Ziang Yu
    11 Wang Chi
    11 Lizard Demon
    5 Archer mercenary

    Three parallel battles are too much for me, how did I let this happen? lol.-

    The wounded mercenary comes closer to his captain, forgetting Ziang Yu for the moment. “Sir! What do we do? That beast has already taken Yu Fiu” he inquires the leader.
    The leader narrow his eyes, and look at you two. “Would you help us?” he asks, bluntly. “We will forget we found you, in return.” He adds. Then Turning to the other men, he shouts. “Come here!” Something in the man’s voice made his men move faster. One of the archers runs hasty to your side.
    --Add your IC conversation here—

    Ziang’s bolt goes wide again, loosing his match for long.
    Wang Chi charges to the beast, but his blade is reflected by the creature’s scales. The same surprise got the beast, when it attempted to rip Wang’s flesh with its claws. They merely scratch the soldier’s armor.

    -End round 1-

    The wounded soldier takes out a potion from his backpack, and drinks it. He moves near Wang Chi, his leader encourage the remaining archer the same way he did with the other, and then, advance next to the other two warriors.
    The archer in position let go an arrow, but it sank in the ground under the beast's feet. (a 12. not the best day for ranged combat.)

    OOC:Lizard demon attak: 14 vs AC: 16
    The map will be up tomorrow
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    Leng, Kaoru, DM

    "Stand fast for a moment friends. Feel free to taunt or find another way to keep their attention. I want to see if this place has a back entrance." Shen whispers to Leng and Kaoru as he quietly rounds the corner toward the back of the house.

    Stealth roll for sneaking to the back (1d20+1=20)

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