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    I Defended The Walls!

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    Ban Lu AC 16; Fort 14; Ref 14; Will 20 Hit Points 27

    His anger roused by the sailors unwillingness to repeat his authority, Ban Lu steps forward. He calls the divine power of his faith and suddenly a gleaming shield of divine energy appears over him and the officers. "You were warned and you will pay for your insolence."

    OOC: Ban Lu will try to move so that both officers are within the burst 5 area of his Shield of Faith Cleric Utility 2. He and his allies will be granted +2 AC for the rest of the encounter. If this is not possible based on the map I'll edit the post.
    Last edited by Scotley; Saturday, 13th September, 2008 at 05:25 PM. Reason: Added requested info to title

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    DM and Ziang
    The guardsman does not answer the ruffians, as his spear skitters off the beast's scales. He drops the quiaang, closes with the beast as he smoothly draws his jian, and slices at the beast with a mighty two-handed strike, calling on his art and training.

    Free action to drop spear
    Minor Action to Draw Sword
    Move action to shift up to the lizard
    Attack with Radiant Smite (encounter power)
    Using Student of the Sword ability for +1 to hit, target is marked even if he misses
    Attack: 17 Damage: 16 radiant

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    DM & Wang

    Crossbow still in hand, Ziang throws a little sack with powder at the guard, strenghtening it's armor and damaging the demon.


    Move: Step back if in melee range with the monster
    minor: reloading
    Standard: Thundering armor at Wang, hitting demon. (hit vs fort, damage) (1d20+4=19, 1d6+4=8)
    if it hits, it pushes the monster back, too.

    Mini stat block

    Ziang Yu
    Perception: 17 Insight: 14 Normal Vision
    AC 18 Fortitude 15 Reflex 16 Will 14
    Hit Points: 31 / 31 Bloodied: 15
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Action Points: 0 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge: 7 Surges per day: 9 / 9
    Encounter Powers: Healing Infusion (Restorative Formular, Curative Admixture) 2/2, Repair Object, Spike Wire
    Daily Powers: Caustic Rampart, Restoratve Infusion

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    Waving the captain closer to keep their talk as secret as possible in the open space, Koryo mumbles on in a sailors speak distintly different than the one he used the night before while pretending to be intimidated by the captain's attention.

    "Sir! I am sorry sir! Not to disrespect the captain was what I meant!"

    Growing more quiet with every word, Koryo force the captain to lean ever closer.
    "There's strange talk on this boat Sir! Strange talk! Two sailors I've overheard."

    “… Yes I have heard that the Black Veil assassins came to Tiger’s rest last month.” One of them says
    “What? ” the other says in surprise “What would they possibly be searching there?”
    “That I don’t know, but the captain saw their lieutenant speaking with the mayor, of what he didn’t tell me.”

    "And than, later that night... I saw a shadow against the moonlight. A bad omen Sir! Very bad sir!."

    Handing the captain the spyglass, he finally adds.
    "And now.. Sir! Please take a look at this flag on th's ship yonder! No pirate no Sir! No ordinary pirates are these!"

    And than.. just for the briefest of moments, startling the captain who had to lean close enough to listen, Koryo straightens his shoulders, looking the captain straight into the eyes as he switches to the Assassins voice he used during the night.
    "Be afraid of the Veil! Never try them!"

    Stumbling away, Koryo busies himself with a rope.

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    Leng, shen, DM

    Mumbling something, Kaoru stands two or three paces far from the window, and if he spots something inside, he will cackle madly, say "Taste this weapon", and crack another bolt of energy

    ooc: 14 to hit, 9 damage

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    OOC: All except WD who keeps a mini stats block: please keep track of your current HP in the title of your posts. AC and saves will be appreciated also.
    Nightbreeze, I was searching Kaoru in the RG and I notice you never posted him there. Please do.
    It's like 5 AM here, so updates for Ban Lu and Wang and Ziang will come tomorrow, please excuse me.

    Kaoru Lucky Shen

    Initiative order:
    Lucky Leng 24
    Bandit 1 19
    Shen Rui 6
    Bandit 2 5
    Kaoru Airhead 4

    Lucky insults the bandits with nasty nasty words, that neither Shen nor Kaoru ever heard.
    Shen quietly rounds the corner toward the back of the house. He discovers a back door, which seems not to be barred.
    When Kaoru steps near the window he sees one of the bandits, with his bow loaded. The young warrior raises his hand to channel the Chi through them, but the arrow was faster, and struck him in the chest. Kaoru’s bolt goes wide hitting furniture, making it explode in pieces. (Kaoru is now at 7 hps.)

    Bandit’s arrow. Roll Lookup


    The captain looks at you frowning. When he hears the night visitor’s voice, his eyes widen, as if he was watching at a ghost. Hasty he takes his spyglass and watches the ship ahead. After looking it for a moment, he close his spyglass and the now pale captain speaks to his crew again. “Men! Today we are not going to fight… I… have.. a premonition… Our time to fight will come eventually. Helmsman! Turn to Singing Spring again, full speed!”
    He walks between the complaining sailors until he is close to you. “Come to my cabin sailor” he said to you before disappearing behind his cabin’s door.

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    Leng, Kaoru, DM

    Shen cautiously approaches the back door.

    ooc: if there is any sort of window or way of looking in, I would appreciate him doing it. Thanks Voda!

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    I Defended The Walls!

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    Ban Lu AC 16; Fort 14; Ref 14; Will 20 Hit Points 27

    OOC: Info as requested.

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    Kaoru the Airhead Hp 7/19, Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 13.

    My fault, sorry. It's in there now.

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    Leng, Shen, Dm

    Kaoru lets out an evil hiss, then the Chi takes another shape in his hand and flies in the house, clearly heading for the bandit, but then suddenly looses shape and dissolves. Kaoru hisses again then tries to concentrate on something.

    ooc: eyebite, 8 to hit. I don't remember wether second wind is move action. If yes, I use it to gain 4 hit points.

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