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    L4W Roadmap

    This roadmap is the working list of things that need to be done before we can start playing games in L4W. I'll try to keep it up to date as progress is made. Feel free to use this thread to suggest additions or changes to the list.

    Things to do:
    1. Complete get a sub-forum made in the Living Worlds forum, next to LEB and LEW. This may require volunteers to be moderators. Update: we'll create the forum from the group, let it grow, and then ask to see if it can be moved to the master list. See here
    2. Complete. See the Mysteriously nameless tavern thread. Immediately create a tavern thread for roleplaying. We have to have some fun while we're doing this, right? The surroundings and even the name of the bartender will be intentionally vague, since we won't have decided a setting yet.
    3. Complete Nominate facilitators. See here
    4. Tentatively complete. See facilitators thread. Vote on facilitators
    5. Waiting for approval from facilitators Open nominations for judges. Anybody can nominate anyone, including themselves, and explain why that person would be a good judge. Nominations can be declined, obviously. Hold nominations open for, say, two weeks. Link to that thread and bump it as often as possible. After that time period, create a secret, multi-select poll where you can vote for up to, say, 6 people. (Is that possible? If not, we could possibly do it by email, though that would be less than ideal...) After two weeks, the top 6 5 (see here) vote-getters are declared judges.
    6. in progress decide on character creation rules.
    7. Waiting for decision on character creation rules When judges (facilitators?) are decided, we open the floor for character submission. Since the setting likely won't be done by then, character backgrounds will necessarily not be final, but the judges can get started on approving the crunch, at least. ...provided that this doesn't distract from actually getting the setting going...
    8. Waiting for judges to be assigned. Likewise, as soon as judges are assigned, open the floor for drafts of adventure proposals. Approval would necessarily be contingent on the setting that the adventure was designed for being accepted. Prospective DMs would probably be well advised to be familiar with all the popular setting proposals at that time, and able to slot their ideas into more than one setting....provided that this doesn't distract from actually getting the setting going...
    9. Ready to be started. Meanwhile (starting as soon as the subforum is live), draft and vote on a charter, i.e. a document describing how the game works. I suspect this will closely resemble a mixture of LEW's and LEB's at first, though I might be wrong. (see also our statement.)
    10. In progress Meanwhile (starting now), try to put together one or more proposals for a setting, including things like map (or not), city names, some history, etc. Transitive Isles is an example that's most of the way there. The degree of appropriate detail will also be addressed.
    11. In progress, sort of We discuss the setting proposals as they get more complete. At some point, the facilitators amongst themselves decide when there is at least one proposal that's complete enough to start playing in. They create a poll, with options like: "We should go with setting A and start playing immediately", "We should go with setting B and start playing immediately", "We should keep talking about it for a while first". Leave the poll open for a while, say two weeks, and if at the end of that time the facilitators determine that "Setting B and start right now" has won convincingly, we are ready to play.
    12. Waiting for acceptance of a setting Edit the tavern thread(s) to fill in details of the chosen setting. Everyone edits their character backgrounds as needed. DMs edit their adventure proposals to fit the setting, if needed.
    13. Waiting for everything else L4W opens, games begin
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