Sleep spell and waking up

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    Sleep spell and waking up

    Ok, we ran into a bump during the game. The villain got sturck by a sleep spell and failed his first saving throw. So he's down and unconscious. The dragonborn pc breathed fire and damaged him. Now, we're unsure if he's awake coz as per the spell he'd be unconscious until he makes a save. But based on the Sleeping and Waking Up rules on p.263, one wakes up if you take damage. So which is which?



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    Customer Service has stated that damage will not wake up a person who has been made unconscious by a Sleep spell.

    You are not asleep, you are magically unconscious until 'save ends'.

    The spell ought to be named 'Slow, and maybe Unconscious', rather than 'Sleep', but 'Sleep' is a more elegant name.


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    Characters who are asleep are unconscious and wake up when damaged (p 263, as you say). But the Sleep spell does not impose the "asleep" condition. It imposes the unconscious condition, and damage doesn't end this. So the villain wouldn't recover consciousness.

    (If you think it's silly that the Sleep spell does not actually produce sleep, check the flavour text - it's "magical weariness", which apparently not even damage ends. The sleeping villain is presumably having very unpleasant dreams of being trapped in an oven as the PC breathes fire onto him.)

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    It makes you realise just how nasty the Orb Wizard/Divine Oracle build really is. "Sorry Mr Dragon you only wake up on a 16 or higher and we all get auto-crits until you do."

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    Or "I am sorry, Mr normal enemy. You can never ever get to make the save to throw off said effect, so I guess you are out for that full 5 minutes".

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