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    [OOC] Secret War

    "Long ago there was a dwarven stronghold on the fringes of human civilization - a center of diplomacy and trade between the two races in a time when unity was fragile. It was called Stonefast.

    “Then war with the orcs began. An orcish army attacked the outpost. Although Stonefast did not fall, only a few dwarves survived. They sealed their stronghold with dwarven stonecraft, and then they returned to their kingdom – supposedly leaving behind all of their treasures.

    “Since then, Stonefast’s location has remained a mystery… at least until recently. Rumors have been circulating that the foothills into the Thunder Peaks houses these ancient ruins, and the wise wizard Zanzer Tem may have found the stronghold.”

    Norman Firebeard combs his red beard with his fingers then takes out a stack of red Miners’ Union Cards from his dusty overcoat and hands one to each of you. “Take these. They outclass your present yellow cards and will be recognized by higher authorities. Zanzer Tem has requested the help of the Miners’ Union to find and explore Stonefast. Zanzer is wise in such history and has been devout in his search for such ruins, and since the wizard now runs the town guard of Thunderstone, he has offered sturdy replacements for digging the mines while you folk are gone. Zanzer will be waiting for you at the guardhouse on the east side of town.”

    The old dwarf takes a swig of ale from the skin hanging at his waist then brushes the bubbles from the hairs under his nose. “Heh, now that Zanzer Tem has come to mind, my friend Alios has an errand to be done for him while on your way to the wizard’s guardhouse. You can find him in the market district – in a small shack next to Alduir’s Smithy. It’s not out of the way, and I’m sure it won’t be too taxing of a job for a group of sturdy dwarves such as yourselves.”

    Firebeard turns around and commences with other business on the workbench behind him. He turns his head half-way and gives a final say with a smirk, “and as usual, I want you to report back to me by the end of the week. I am quite interested in Stonefast myself now.”

    Come noon, you show up at the town market of Thunderstone to meet the merchant Alios who wanted an errand done for him. When you reach his shop the merchant smiles at you. He hefts a four-foot-long lizard onto the counter. Around the beast’s neck is a leash, and over its head is a burlap sack. The merchant says, “Deliver this to Zanzer Tem and he’ll pay you fairly.”

    He gives the lizard a shove and it flops onto the floor. As the merchant turns to other business, he issues a last warning. “No matter what, don’t take the sack off its head!”

    There are two ways to reach Zanzer’s guardhouse: If you follow the dark corridors of Thieves’ Alley, continue with section 2.

    If you go through the crowded streets of Merchants’ Parkway, continue with section 3.

    2. The lizard trots along at your heels like a well-trained dog, but it stops to poke it burlap-covered snout into every pile of garbage you pass. At one such stop, a group of unwashed children approach. They begin petting the lizard, asking why you have covered its head.

    If you chase the children off, continue with section 4.

    If you explain that you were told to leave its head covered, continue with section 5.

    3. The crowded streets of Merchants’ Parkway are no place for a 4-foot-long lizard with a bag over its head. The lizard keeps running into the people’s legs. People keep stepping on its tail. Finally, the lizard begins angrily clawing at the bag on its head.

    If you carry the lizard the rest of the way to Zanzer Tem’s, continue with section 6.

    If you try Thieves’ Alley instead, continue with section 2.

    4. “This lizard is no pet!” you say. “Go on! Leave it alone!”

    The children don’t listen. One even rips the sack off the lizard’s head. Immediately, the beast clamps its jaws around the boy’s arm, and the youngster turns to stone!

    His companions scatter. In the confusion that follows, the lizard bits its leash apart and disappears down the alley. You search for it for over an hour. The things really go bad – six town guards walk around the corner and grab your arms.

    “You’re under arrest for keeping a dangerous animal,” they say.

    Continue with section 7.

    5. “I don’t know why its head is covered,” you answer. “But the man who gave it to me warned me not to take the sack off.”

    “Must be a basilisk,” says one of the children. “They’ll turn you to stone.”

    The children let you continue on your way.

    Continue with section 6.

    6. You reach Zanzer Tem’s guardhouse without any more trouble. Before you can knock, a black-haired wizard with a sharp goatee opens the door. “At last!” he says, eyeing the lizard. “Bring it inside.”

    He leads the way into a small hallway, then fetches a gold piece from his pocket. “Here’s your payment,” he says. “A bright, shiny gold piece. Look how it glitters! Concentrate on the gold piece. You’re beginning to get very sleepy…”

    As Zanzer speaks, your eyelids begin to droop. Before you know it, you’re asleep.

    Congratulations – you delivered the lizard, but it appears Zanzer has bigger plans for you!

    7. The guards tie your hands. “It’s Zanzer’s dungeon for you!”

    Well met, adventurers!

    This is a Forgotten Realms campaign which will be using 4e rules with 4e Realms. This is a long and adventurous campaign that I have paced over for a very long time. It was originally set in 3e Faerun, but the new Spellplague incident of 4e actually ties in very well with the storyline.

    I am looking for at least 6 1st-level PCs that are willing to play a long game. Please post your character concepts, but take note that I will be favoring interesting characters. Here is some information to take note of while creating your characters:

    Race: Dwarf. Your characters are members of the dwarven Miners’ Union based outside of Thunderstone, located in Cormyr.
    Class: All classes are welcome. I am looking for a balanced party.
    Equipment: Your characters have been captured, so assume you have no equipment as of now.
    Language: I put more emphasis on language than most. There is no “common” language. Instead of common, you must choose one of the Faerun human languages. Your characters might not be able to speak to another character in this game if you don’t know that character’s language. I'll remind you that the human language of Cormyr is Chondathan. Race languages are still standard.
    Ability Scores: I will be rolling them. Once I find my players I will give you your roll results and you can post your character’s stats. Don’t worry, I’m not going to allow you to have TERRIBLE results.

    In your submissions please include the following information:
    Name, Class, Appearance, Background, and Personality.

    Finally, if you have any questions, shoot away.
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