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    Wow! Lotsa cool stuff in here. Glad I finally got the time to catch up and read all this. I really love the fluff about Hadeys and Raising dead. Such a perfect detail that fits the personality but also plays right into where the meta-rules go with raising people. Tying the moneylending/loanshark aspect to that is even better. Do they demand a cut still even for an unsuccesful raising (someone who DIDN'T have a destiny to fulfill)?


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    The Transitive Isles is a great setting and I have no doubt that itís fully playable as is. However, if thereís one point Iíd petition for further development in it, itís a good deal more NPCs to support the world beyond Daunton.
    Thereís heavy emphasis on the Five and how theyíve affected the nearby regions, but thereís never a name on one of the notorious merchants of Bacarte or a face on a king from the Valley of Bone. Thereís a hobgoblin empire but who is the emperor? The eladrin-dominated Nova Empire and their representative governor on Mykonosís Sanctuary are supposedly also cause for concern, but which names do Dauntonians put in their ghost stories?

    Iíd love to help out putting a profile on some of these individuals, unless Iíve just overlooked them somewhere or thereís already something in the works?

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    I think that my personal feeling was that "if somebody wants to bring back their character? They can." (so long as the body isn't lost, etc)
    So... a PC will never "fail" to raise. If the player wants to bring them back? They have an unfulfilled destiny!

    With regard to the "general" point of "coming back" in the setting? I guess I'd sort of assumed that
    1. The priests can tell if they can raise someone
    2. It doesn't work and nothing is consumed (Hadeys is a crooked creep, but not a thief, he cloaks himself in a veil of legitimacy).

    Again though, there could easily be other possibilities. If someone has a great adventure idea I see no reason why it couldn't change in some sort of strange way (The target comes back as a free willed undead for a short period of time, or as a spirit or whatever would work for the story).

    Your assessment is correct.There are virtually no NPCs.

    To the degree possible the setting has been undefined so that people feel that they can come in and leave their mark. I'm happy to have people make suggestions, covaithe wrote up the five (though they got tweaked a bit going in), Halford named the Mayor, etc.

    I have my own ideas in many cases (the merchants of Bacarte really being the "rogue" navy of the Empire of Hzaka, so the "unnamed hobgoblin" could be a sort of Chiang Kai-shek but I felt like it was better to leave that unsaid....
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    Yes, we can always use more NPCs. But that's the sort of setting development that can be ongoing, or even wait until someone gets around to running adventure that requires it.
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