covaithe has started a good character generation guide. It reminded me, however, that we need to work on the regional benefits.

Currently, Graf has added some benefits to the wiki here.

These are the regions with benefits currently posted:
Valley of Bone
Kingdom of Jade

Of Graf's, I like Daunton and Bacarte. I'm not sure about the Valley of Bone's divination ability, as I think it's too open to DM interpretation and player abuse The VoB nature bonus is fine. The Kingdom of Jade's diplomacy bonus works, but I don't know what the "corrupting touch of the shadow" is supposed to be.

Other regions needed are:
Empire of Hraka

Suggestions from me:

Imperium - +1 to arcana, ???

Empire of Hraka - +1 to intimidate, ???

Allaria - +1 to history, ???

Looking at the FRPG preview, though, I think this may actually be too conservative. The FR regions tend towards the following types of benefits:

- Additional language (sometimes specified, sometimes a choice), +2 to a skill and that skill is a class skill
- resist 2 to three elements (3 at 11th and 5 at 21st)
- reroll a certain skill check, take second roll, and a language
- reroll a certain skill check, take second roll, and +1 to initiative

I think we should try to stick pretty close to that level of benefit.