The insight bonus is on all the time; it's a flat, permanent +1 to all insight checks. The bluff bonus is situational.

One of the design goals / rules-of-thumb we used when putting these things together was to have one permanent benefit and one situational benefit for all the regions. I'm not sure we quite met that goal, but I don't think we screwed up too badly.

As for whether revisions are being considered, none of the L4W rules should be considered to be set in stone. We don't have any specific revisions in mind right now (with the exception of the proposal to allow some content from Dragon 364, which is being discussed now), I'm sure that there will be more proposals and re-balancing as time goes on. None of us are professionals, and we haven't done extensive playtesting on these things, so we've just done the best we could with our limited 4e experience, and we expect to screw up sometimes and have to fix things retroactively.