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Actually, I was thinking of a series of separate polls in different threads. Or possibly not even polls; have you looked at how LEW does proposal voting? People talk it over until they're ready to vote, then just include a YES or NO in their post. That way, they can change their votes if further discussion changes their mind. The process continues until one of the pass or fail conditions is met, or people lose interest, if none of the end conditions is met.

With a single-digit number of judges and yes/no proposals, that works pretty well. If the question is open to everyone and the options are multiple, it might be uglier. But I really like the idea of being able to change your mind. It makes interpreting the results much easier.

But the method of voting isn't directly relevant; my main point is that I think they should all be voted on independently. How we accomplish that is less important.
Re: Yes/No

My first though was "great idea" change votes...


...we already allow people to do that.
I've changed my vote.
We've always honored people's posts about changing their vote.

The current system has gotten us this far, it's simple and easy to understand.

Changing it now runs the risk of looking like we didn''t let people change votes before... which isn't true.

Plus making people type out their choices would probably depress turnout...