[Cast] Secret War

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    [Cast] Secret War

    This is a thread for players of the Secret War PbP game. Go ahead and post your characters' stats and information below. Let's keep things neat and organized, stick to OOC talk in the OOC thread only please.
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    Secret War Campaign


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    Vondal Darrakson


    Vondal Darrakson Player: WD
    Dwarf Wizard XP 0 Level 1
    Initiative +0 Senses Low-light Vision
    Passive Insight 13; Passive Perception 13
    HP 29; Bloodied 14; Surge Value 7; Surges Per-Day 10
    AC 13; Fortitude 14; Reflex 10; Will 15
    Speed 5
    Alignment Unaligned
    Languages Dwarf, Illuskan

    Str 13 Con 19 Dex 11
    Int 17 Wis 16 Cha 7

    Racial Abilities
    Cast-Iron Stomach; Dwarven Resilience; Dwarven Weapon Proficiency; Encumbered Speed; Stand Your Ground

    Class Features
    Arcane Implement Mastery, cantrips, Ritual Casting, spellbook

    At-Will Powers
    Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation
    Magic Missile, Cloud of Daggers/ Hungry Maws

    Encounter Powers
    Force Orb

    Daily Powers
    Flaming Sphere, Sleep

    Utility Powers

    Ritualist, Armor Proficiency (Leather)

    Arcane* +8
    Diplomacy* +3
    Dungeoneering* +10
    Nature* +8

    Endurance +6
    History +3
    Insight +3
    Perception +3

    Animal Messenger, Make Whole, Tenser’s Floating Disk



    Name: Vondal Darrakson
    Class: Wizard


    Vondal was always interested in the past. From the past glorys of forgotten dwarf strongholds, to the fossils of unknown creatures found only in the deepest dwarven mines. His bright intellect and natural curiosity drew the interest of a local dwarven wizard, who recognized the potential of this curious dwarf.
    Under Vestus tutelage, Vondal learned not only forgotten secrets of the past, but also the arcane powers, that will help him to further explore the world.
    (One first success in merging his intersts with the arcane arts was the development of his signature spell 'Hungry Maws' [optical varaint of cloud of daggers].)
    After finishing his apprenticeship, he was hired by a mining company to idnetify the different kind of stones and minerals they found in their endavours.
    Hearing of the oppotunity to explore Stonefast, volunteered instantly for this mission.

    A curious brave adventurer, with few things in common with the typical bookish wizard. More the Indiana Jones type of a scientist and an explorer he also values the abilities of the men around him.
    He shuns the typical wizard garb and favors sturdy leather clothes above robes (level one feat: Armor Proficiency: Leather).
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    Rangok, Paladin of Moradin
    Name: Rangok

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Male Dwarf Paladin 1
    Medium Humanoid, tall, lbs, yrs old
    hair, eyes, skin

    Languages: Dwarven, Chondathan
    Vision: Low-Light

    Ability Scores

    Str: 16
    Con: 14
    Dex: 7
    Int: 11
    Wis: 16
    Cha: 17

    Basic Combat Stats

    Hit Points: 29
    Bloodied: 14
    Healing Surge: 12/day
    Healing Value: 7

    Initiative: +0
    Speed: 5 squares (5 Base )
    Action Points: 1


    AC: 10
    Fort: 14
    Ref: 11
    Will: 14
    Saving Throws: +5 vs Poison (racial). +2 vs. Fear (region)

    Basic Attacks

    Melee: Hit: damage:
    Melee: Hit: Damage:
    Ranged: Hit: Damage: Range

    Weapon & Implement Attack Bonuses for use with Powers

    Melee: Hit:
    Melee: Hit:
    Ranged: Hit:
    Implement: Hit:

    Passive Skills

    Perception 13
    Insight 20


    Acrobatics (-2 dex)
    Arcana (+0 int)
    Athletics (+3 str)
    Bluff (+3 cha)
    Diplomacy (+3 cha, +5 trained)
    Dungeoneering (+3 wis, +2 racial)
    Endurance (+2 con, +5 trained, +2 racial)
    Heal (+3 wis)
    History (+0 int)
    Insight (+3 wis, +5 trained, +2 region)
    Intimidate (+3 cha)
    Nature (+3 wis)
    Perception (+3 wis)
    Religion (+0 int, +5 trained)
    Stealth (-2 str)
    Streetwise (+3 cha)
    Thievery (-2 dex)

    Healing Hands

    Racial Traits and Powers
    Cast Iron Stomach: +5 bonus to saving throws vs. poison
    Dwarven Resilience: Use second wind as a minor action
    Dwarven Weapon Proficiency
    Encumbered Speed: move at normal speed even when it would normally be reduced by armor or a heavy load.
    Stand Your Ground: When effects push, pull or slide you, you can reduce the number of squares by 1.

    Class Features
    Channel Divinity: 1/Encounter, either Divine Mettle or Divine Strength
    Divine Challenge
    Lay on Hands

    At Will Powers
    Divine Challenge: Diving, Radiant
    Minor Action Close Burst 5
    Target: One creature.
    Target is marked and remains marked until you use this power on a different target, or you fail to engage the target. While marked, it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls for any attack that doesn’t target you, and also takes 6 radiant damage.

    Lay on Hands: Divine, Healing 3/day
    Minor Action Melee touch
    Target: One creature
    Effect: You spend a healing surge but regain no hit points. Instead the target regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge (+3 from Healing Hands).

    Bolstering Strike: Divine, Weapon
    Standard Action Melee weapon
    Target: One Creature Cha vs. AC
    Hit: 1[W]+3 damage, and you gain 3 temporary hit points

    Enfeebling Strike: Divine, Weapon
    Standard Action Melee Weapon
    Target: One Creature Cha vs. AC
    Hit: 1[W] +3 damage. If you marked the target, it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

    Encounter PowersChannel Divinity
    --Divine Mettle: Divine
    Minor Action Close burst 10
    Target: One creature in burst
    Effect: The target makes a saving throw with a +3 bonus
    --Divine Strength: Divine
    Minor Action Personal
    Effect: Apply a +3 bonus to damage on your next attack this turn.

    Shielding Smite: Divine, Weapon
    Standard Action Melee Weapon
    Target: One Creature Cha vs. AC
    Hit: 2[W] +3
    Effect: Until the end of your next turn, one ally within 5 squares of you gains a +3 power bonus to AC.

    Daily Powers
    Radiant Delirium: Divine, Implement, Radiant
    Standard Action Ranged 5
    Target: One Creature Cha vs. Reflex
    Hit: 3d8 +3 radiant damage and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn. In addition, the target takes a -2 penalty to AC (save ends).

    Utility Powers



    Coins- 0gp, 0sp, 0cp

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    Thorfin Hardicanute: Dwarven Fighter


    Thorfin is a typical dwarf in many ways; he is solid and dependable and he hates orcs, and giants, and titans and… He wears heavy armour and he carries axes and hammers, and he is good at hitting things - like orcs and giants and titans…
    He promised his father when the old dwarf was dying, that he would follow the family tradition and go work in the mines, and that he has done - but with a heavy heart. For, unusually for a dwarf, Thorfin loves the open air! He still works and spends much of his time underground but he has a most un-dwarflike love of the world above ground. He is never happier than when he can smell the dew-wet grass in the morning, see the sparkle of sunlight through multi-hued trees and hear the sound of the skylark as it sings overhead. Even short trips ‘up above’ seem to be enough to set him off , singing, laughing and apparently living and enjoying life to the full.

    Even to his closest friends his eternal optimism can be a little grating. He’s the sort of dwarf who when told “half of us are dead and the enemies arrows blacken the sky” is likely to reply “well that’s a bigger share for us” or perhaps “That’ll keep the sun out of our eyes.”

    There are two more signs of his somewhat un-dwarflike attitude. The first of these is that he has sworn allegiance to Avandra and his love of nature and wild country is typical of this, and he is certainly devoted to seeking his own destiny as well as new horizons and new experiences.

    The final sign I am loath to mention, so strange it is for a dwarf. But I have come so far and will not stop at the last fence…he does not drink! He says that drinking and getting drunk was an experience he has already had and now needs no more…

    Thorfin is very tall for a dwarf, and perhaps a little slimmer than most. He could be seen as unremarkable in his physique although those of a less charitable nature have been heard to debate the possibility that somewhere in the family’s past there may have been some kind of Fey involvement. Thorfin has heard the rumours but good-naturedly laughs them off.

    His flaming red hair and beard are always kept neat and braided, sometimes even with flowers or small leafy twigs bound therein, and his piercing green eyes sometimes seem to have an otherwordly look about them.

    Stats amd powers

    Name: Thorfin Hardicanute Class: Fighter Level: 1
    Race: Dwarf Region: Thunderpeaks Size: Medium
    Age 32 Height 4’ 11” Weight 160 pounds
    Gender: Male Deity: Avandra Alignment:: Good
    Action Points: 1 XP: 0

    Str: 15 +2
    Con: 15 +2
    Dex: 12 +1
    Int: 9 - 1
    Wis: 14 +2
    Cha: 11 +0

    Hit Points: 30 Bloodied: 15 Healing Surge: 7 Surges per day: 11
    Initiative: +1 Speed: 5

    Senses: Low-Light
    Passive Perception: 12
    Passive Insight: 14

    AC: 11
    Fortitude : 14
    Reflex : 11
    Will : 12

    Basic Melee Attack: +2 vs. AC Basic Ranged Attack: +1 vs. AC

    Athletics (T) +7 Intimidate (T) +5 Heal (T) +7
    Acrobatics +1 Arcana -1 Bluff +0
    Diplomacy +0 Dungeoneering +4 Endurance +4
    History -1 Insight +2 Nature +2
    Perception +2 Religion -1 Stealth +1
    Streetwise +0 Thievery +1

    Feats: Dwarven Weapon Training: +2 damage with axes and hammers
    Languages:, Dwarven & Chondathan

    Cast-Iron Stomach - +5 saves vs. poison
    +2 save ve Fear
    Dwarven Resilience - Use second wind as a minor action
    Encumbered Speed - move at normal speed even when encumbered
    Stand Your Ground - When an effect forces you to move, you move -1 squares, also, can make a save vs. falling prone immediately.
    Combat Challenge - Any enemy attacked (hit or miss) is marked till the end of my next turn. -2 for them to attack anyone bar me. If he shifts or attacks other whilst adjacent to me I can make interrupt attack.
    Combat Superiority - Bonus to OA = to Wis Mod. Enemy hit by OA stops moving
    Fighter Weapon Talent - 2-handed weapons +1 to attack

    At Will Powers: Reaping Strike: Martial, Weapon, Melee; Str vs AC; Damage = 1W +Str. On Miss, half Str Mod damage or Str Mod damage with 2-handed weapon

    Cleave: Martial, Weapon, Melee; Str vs AC; Damage = 1W +Str. Adjacent enemy takes damage = Str Mod.

    Encounter Power:
    Passing Attack: Martial, Weapon, Melee; Str vs AC; Damage = 1W +Str., I can shift 1 square & make a secondary attack on a new target; Str +2 vs AC; Damage = 1W + Str.

    Daily Power:
    Villains Menace: Martial, Weapon, Melee; Str vs AC; Damage = 2W +Str. I gain +2 Power bonus to attack and +4 Power bonus to damage vs Target till end of encounter. On Miss: Gain +1 to attack and +2 to damage till end of encounter.
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    Thromb Lickspit

    Thromb Lickspit


    Name: Thromb Lickspit
    Class: Artificer 1
    Race: Dwarf
    Region: Thunderpeaks
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Deity: n/a
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Action Points: 1
    XP: 0

    Str: 10 +0
    Dex: 11 +0
    Con: 17 +3
    Int: 15 +2
    Wis: 14 +2
    Cha: 10 +0

    Hit Points: 34/34 Bloodied: 17
    Healing Surge: 8 Surges per day: 9
    Initiative: +0
    Senses: Low-Light
    Speed: 5
    Perception: 17 Insight: 12
    Action Points: 1

    AC 14 (with leather, 12 without)
    Fortitude 14
    Reflex 12
    Will 13
    Saves +5 vs poison, +2 vs fear

    Athletics +0u, Arcana +7, Dungeoneering +7, Endurance+5u, History +7, Insight +4u, Perception +7, Swim +0u, Thievery +5

    Basic Melee Attack:
    +2 vs. AC Damage: 1d10
    Basic Ranged Attack: +2 vs. Reflex Damage: 1d8

    Feats: Ritual Caster (bonus), Toughness

    Languages: Chondothan, Dwarven

    Class and Racial abilities:

    Cast-Iron Stomach - +5 saves vs. poison
    Dwarven Resilience - Use second wind as a minor action
    Dwarven Weapon Prof. - Throwing Hammer and Warhammer
    Encumbered Speed
    Stand Your Ground - When an effect forces you to move, you move -1 squares, also, can make a save vs. falling prone immediately.

    Warhammer ✦ Weapon
    +2 vs AC; 1d10 damage
    Thundering Armor (standard; at-will) ✦ Arcane, Implement, Thunder
    Range 10 | Ally +1 to AC --> attack 2ndary (target adj. to ally) +2 vs Fort; 1d6+2 damage and push 2ndary target 1 square away from primary.
    Aggravating Force (standard; at-will) ✦ Arcane, Force, Weapon
    Range 15/30 | +4 vs AC 1d8+2 force damage and next attack on target by ally gets +2 to attack roll (until end of Thromb's next turn)
    Shielding Cube (standard; encounter) ✦ Arcane, Artifice, Force, Implement
    Range 10 | Artifice appears adjacent to target and +2 vs Ref; Hit: 1d8+2 damage
    Thomb and allies within 1 square get +1 to AC -- Artifice has Defenses of 5 | hit points 8
    Minor: Move artifice 3 squares or shift 1 square
    Caustic Rampart (standard; daily) ✦ Acid, Arcane, Conjuration, Implement
    Wall 5 (w/in 10 squares) | Effect: Walls squares are filled with caustic acid until end of next turn (see also minor action). Squares count as Difficult terrain, lightly obscured.
    Creature that starts its turn inside or adjacent to wall takes 1d6+2
    Minor: Sustain

    Healing Infusion: Restorative Formula (minor; twice per encounter) ✦ Arcane, Healing
    Burst 5 | Effect: Target (Thromb or ally) w/in burst can spend healing surge + gain 1d6 hit points.
    Special: Healing Infusion Powers can be used twice per encounter but once per round.
    Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture (minor; twice per encounter) ✦ Arcane, Healing
    Burst 5 | Effect: All allies w/in burst can spend healing surge to gain 4 temp hit points
    Special: Healing Infusion Powers can be used twice per encounter but once per round.

    Total Weight:XXXlb Money: 0gp

    There were a few families that were poorer, or worse off than the Lickspits. And many more who worse off in non-material terms, his family cared for and looked after each other in the fierce unspoken way. This supportive environment gave him an indomitable confidence than he doesn't fully appreciate; his parents scrimped and saved to arrange for his apprenticeship to an old artificer. But Thromb fingered his threadbare clothing, looked around his family's mean dwelling and could see only an affront.

    His master was a gifted but cantankerous teacher who isolated himself and his student for years in a tiny series of caves at the edge of their community. Thromb loved the hours spent in that compound away from the eyes of others. He loved working on complex projects, mastering the incantations and alchemical combinations necessary to enable the magic of artifice. He had a place of importance in those caves and there was no challenge he couldn't surmount.

    The old man's death has thrust him back into a world where he is no one. And then those stupid kids pulled off the sack from the cockatrice and got him stuck in this mess.

    That's fine though. Thromb Lickspit takes whatever the world throws at him, chews it up and spits it back out. He's gonna do big things, just as soon as he gets out of this ridiculous dungeon.

    Thromb is extremely tall for a dwarf, skinny and powerfully resilient with a ramrod straight back and an aggressive demeanor.
    He has a wild eyed look to him, hours bent over strange concoctions have put him in the habit of seeing odd things in his dreams. Though he tries to hide it he comes off as jumpy and assertive.
    His hair and massive black beard shoot straight out from his head like stiff wire, fiercely resisting his efforts to tame it. He usually binds them wiht simple leather thongs.

    Age: 89
    Height: 5'4"

    Personality, Goals and Mindset
    Thromb thinks he wants to become rich, powerful. To show all the people who he thinks looked down on his family and their mean state how wrong they were about them. It probably won't make him happy, but Thromb doesn't think he wants to be happy.

    His drive, more than any physical trait, is what gives him his tremendous resilience. He's tenacious, and can be uncompromising; it's what's gotten him this far. He attempts to cloak his hostility to the world and his desire to stand out behind a mask of typical dwarven reserve. He always tries to speak last, and to appear indifferent, but he often fails to control his passion.

    His everyone-vs-me mentality means he's stoutly, obsessively protective of people on "his side". He tends to assume the worst, to see threats and challenges that are not there, planning for the inevitable worst so that he can overcome it. In that he's not a fatalist. Everyone else he knows may be doomed to live a lackluster life of meager dreams, but not Thromb Lickspit.

    He loves his family, but in his adolescent passion he overlooks their positive traits and sees their stout devotion to clan and country as "low goals set by small minds".


    XP log:

    Wealth log:
    100 gp from starting wealth
    (see below)
    Sold XXX for

    Other log:
    XXXX from


    Creation and Advancement

    Starting Attributes
    Cost Initial Racial Level Final
    Str: 0 10 0 10
    Dex: 1 11 0 11
    Con: 7 15 +2 0 17
    Int: 7 15
    0 15
    Wis: 2 12 +2 0 14
    Cha: 0 10
    0 10

    Number of Trained Skills: Arcana + 4
    Skills Trained Attrib Racial Feat
    Athletics -- +0 -- -- +0
    Arcana +5 +2 -- -- +7
    Dungeoneering +5 +2 +2 -- +7
    Endurance -- +3 +2 -- +5
    History +5 +2 -- -- +7
    Insight -- +2 -- +2* +4
    Perception +5 +2 -- -- +7
    Swim -- +0 -- -- +0
    Thievery +5 +0 -- -- +5
    Trained Skills: 5

    *=regional benefit

    Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather
    Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Simple Ranged

    Saves Attrib Racial Class Feat Equip Total
    Armor Class +2 -- -- -- +2 14
    Fortitude +3 -- +1 -- -- 14
    +2 -- -- -- -- 12
    Will +2 -- +1 -- -- 13


    Number of Powers Known 2/1/1/0
    At will, Encounter, Daily, utility powers known


    Attrib Weapon/Impl Feat
    Total-to-hit | Damage
    At Will
    Aggravating Force +2 +2 -- +2 1W + 2 (int)
    Thundering Armor +2 -- -- +2 1d+6 + 2(int)
    Subtotal 2

    Shielding Cube +2 -- -- +1d8 + 2 (int)
    Subtotal 1


    Caustic Rampart +2 -- -- +2 1d+6 + 2(int)
    Subtotal 1

    Base Effect Attribute Feat Total

    Restorative Formula Cure:HS +1d6 N/A -- HS+1d6
    Curative Admixture
    Cure: 3 (con) + 1 thp N/A 4 -- thp

    Hypothetical Equipment: Cost Weight
    Leather Armour 25gp 15lb
    Warhammer 15gp 05lb
    Standard Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lb
    Crossbow 25gp 05lb
    Total 80gp

    L1 -> CLASS Artificer HP: 12 (class) + 17 (con) +5 (toughness)
    Feat: Toughness, Bonus Feat: Ritual Caster
    Powers Known:

    Other: OTHER NOTE
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    OSRICI Defended The Walls!Gygax Memorial Fund

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    My communities:

    Farim Rubyheart

    Character Sheet

    Farim Rubyheart
    Shield Dwarf -medium
    Cleric 1
    LG -- Moradin

    XP 0

    Height: 4’7”
    Weight: 175
    Beard: Brown and very thick (his hair was also brown/thick before he shaved it all off)
    Eyes: Black
    Head: Shaved

    DEFENSES, +2 to saves vs. fear
    AC 16 (10+6+0+0)
    Fortitude 13 (10+3)
    Reflex 10 (10+0)
    Will 17 (10+5+2)

    Speed 5
    Low-Light Vision
    Languages: Common (Farim speaks Chondathan instead of Common per DM), Dwarven
    +2 Dungeoneering, +2 Endurance
    +5 to saves vs. poison
    Second wind as a minor action
    Proficient with Throwing Hammer and Warhammer
    Move normal speed even when encumbered
    Stand Your Ground
    Insight (it's an FR thing)

    S 13 +1
    D 11 +0
    C 16 (14+2) +3
    I 7 -2
    W 20 (18+2) +5
    C 15 +2

    Action Points: 1

    MAX HP 28
    Current HP 28
    Bloodied 14
    Healing Surge Value 7
    Healing Surges per Day 10

    Throwing Hammer (Dwarf)
    Warhammer (Dwarf)

    Dodge Giants

    +2 Dungeoneering (Dwarf)
    +2 Endurance (Dwarf)
    Insight (+2 racial bonus)

    Healer’s Lore
    Ritual Caster (Make Whole, Gentle Repose)
    Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune
    Channel Divinity: Turn Undead
    Healing Word (twice/encounter) (you or 1 ally can spend 1 healing surge +1d6 hp)

    1 Lance of Faith (20Wis vs Ref)
    Damage: 1d8+5 radiant, plus ally is +2 on next att
    2 Sacred Flame (20Wis vs Ref)
    Damage: 1d6+5 and ally gains either +2 temp hp or +2 to save

    1 Divine Glow (close blast 3) (20wis vs. Ref) (1d8+5 and allies in blast are +2 to hit until my next action)

    1 Beacon of Hope (20Wis vs. Will)
    (Target weakened until end of its next turn, I and all allies w/in 3 gain 5 hp, and all my healing powers heal +5 hp for the rest of the encounter)

    LANGUAGES: Dwarven, Chondathan
    REGION: Cormyr


    I understand that we have no equipment at present, but this is what I had before capture/whatever.

    EQUIPMENT (10 gp left)
    Warhammer (+2 prof. bonus - racial) (1d10)
    Holy Symbol
    Standard Adventurer’s Kit
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    My communities:

    Name:  Morrim Ironhand
    Class: Warlock 1 	Starting Level: 1
    Race: Dwarf
    Region: Thunderpeaks
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Deity: n/a
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Action Points: 1
    XP: 0
    Str: 11 +0     
    Dex: 8 -1               
    Con: 17 +3                
    Int: 14 +2 
    Wis: 14 +2    
    Cha: 10 +0  
    Hit Points: 29/29 Bloodied: 14
    Healing Surge: 7  Surges per day: 9
    Initiative: -1
    Senses: Low-Light
    Speed: 5
    Perception: 17 Insight: 14 
    Action Points: 1
    AC 14 
    Fortitude 13 
    Reflex 13 
    Will 13
    Basic Melee Attack: +2 vs. AC Damage: 1d10 
    Basic Ranged Attack: +3 vs. Reflex (Eldritch Blast) Damage: 1d10+3
    Number of Trained Skills: 4	
    Skills		Total	Trained	Mod 	Misc
    Insight 	+7	+5	+2	--
    Intimidate	+5	+5	+0	--
    Arcana  	+7	+5	+2	--
    History 	+7	+5	+2	--
    Feats: Improved Dark One's Blessing (+3 extra temp hp. from Dark One's Blessing)

    Languages: Chondothan, Dwarven

    Class and Racial abilities:

    Cast-Iron Stomach - +5 saves vs. poison
    Dwarven Resilience - Use second wind as a minor action
    Dwarven Weapon Prof. - Throwing Hammer and Warhammer
    Encumbered Speed
    Stand Your Ground - When an effect forces you to move, you move -1 squares, also, can make a save vs. falling prone immediately.
    Regional Benefit - +2 to Insight & Saves Vs. Fear

    Prime Shot - If I'm closest to target I get a +1 to ranged attack rolls
    Shadow walk - Gain concealment if I move 3 or more squares
    Warlock's Curse - Nearest enemy can be cursed as a minor action, +1d6 damage
    Improved Dark One's Blessing - When a cursed enemy dies, +4 temp. hp

    2/1/1/0 - At will, Encounter, Daily, utility powers known

    At Wills Powers:
    Eldritch Blast - (standard, at-will, implement) - Range 10 - +3 vs. Reflex - 1d10+3 damage
    Hellish Rebuke - (standard, at-will, fire, implement) - Range 10 - +3 vs. Reflex - 1d6+3 fire damage + if you take damage before the end of the next turn target takes 1d6+3 more damage

    Encounter Powers:
    Diabolic Grasp - (standard, encounter, implement) - Range 10 - +3 vs. Fortitude - 2d8+3 damage and slide 3 squares

    Daily Powers:
    Armor of Agathys - (standard, daily, cold) - Personal - Gain 12 temp. hp + any targets that start their turn adjacent to me take 1d6+3 cold damage, lasts the encounter

    Utility Powers:

    Previous Equipment: Cost Weight
    Leather Armour 25gp 15lb
    Warhammer 15gp 05lb
    Standard Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lb

    Total Weight:XXXlb Money: 45gp

    Age: 95
    Height: 4'7"

    Appearance: Morrim is a fairly typical dwarf, as the last survivor of the Ironhand clan, he prides himself on maintaining a "normal" dwarven appearance, despite his atypical vocation. He keeps his dark brown hair long and unkempt, but has great pride in the beard he's grown over the years and spends hours braiding it and sports some decorations that he took from the clan patriarch. His skin is tanned from being outside of the mountains for so long and he stands a tall 4'9".

    Personality: Morrim is anything but the typical dwarven gruffness. He enjoys speaking to others, if only to take his mind off the tragedy of his clan's destruction, he despises ale & drinks of all varieties as well. Morrim enjoys the thrill of battle, though, and adventure, which constantly leads him to try more and more dangerous activities.

    Background: Morrim was born in the Thunderpeaks, in the dwarven settlement of Thunderholme. He was raised a good, little dwarf, who battled the orcs and goblins of the area with his clan, mined the bits of ore that were located in the mountain, and practiced his smith-craft, becoming an accomplished weaponsmith, at least in their small settlement. Then the Year of Blue Fire happened and everything changed. Their small number of wizards in the clan were driven mad by Mystra's death and were convinced that the other dwarves were out to get them. They banded together and attacked the clan, but were destroyed by the dwarven warriors. The mages had dealt enough damage though and in the Year of the Halfling's Lament, a large force of goblinoids and orcs banded together and assaulted Thunderholme, intent on destroying the dwarves. After weeks of pitched battle, the attackers eventually broke through and slaughtered the dwarven clan. Morrim had been guarding the escape route out of the mountain during this battle and managed to survive by remaining out of the battle. He had told himself that it was a matter of practicality, that he needed to survive, but walking through the field of battle, Morrim was filled with regret. Seeing the battered and bloody corpses of his family and friends was too much for him. Morrim grabbed a few trinkets from their bodies and ran from their home, tears streaming down his face.

    He didn't know how long he ran down the mountain paths, or how far, but when the ground gave out under him and he fell into a cave, Morrim was jerked back to consciousness. Looking around him, Morrim noted that it was a small chamber he was in, more a tomb than a cave and was about to climb back out, when his eyes caught the gleam of something in the dark. Morrim approached carefully, his warhammer held aloft, and sighed in relief when he saw it was just a skeleton. Looking at the skeleton in more detail, Morrim noted that the creature had horns, and a tail, but was the shape of a humanoid, he had never seen a creature like this. Clutched in its hands was a tome, fire scorched, but legible. Morrim's hands were trembling when he picked it up and dusted it off. Despite his reservations he opened it, and Morrim's life was changed. He spent the next three days sitting cross-legged next to the skeleton, caught up in the words of the book, not caring about food, nor water, nor the spiders and insects crawling upon him. Morrim awoke from the trance-like state peering up at the pig-face of an orc looking down from the hole he fell through.

    The anger boiled inside him, begging for release and Morrim obliged. He crooked his hand like a claw as a great talon of darkness formed around the orc, raking it fiercely and pulling it over the edge. Despite its efforts, the orc fell, crashing lifeless to the ground. Standing over him Morrim felt vindicated and free from the books hold, began to climb out of his temporary home.

    Morrim travelled to the nearest settlement, which was the human town of Thunderstone, and met a fellow dwarf named Norman Firebeard. Morrim needed coin and Norman offered work in the Miner's Union. Morrim accepted and worked uneventfully, until one day when Norman offered him a chance to head back to the Thunderpeaks with other dwarven adventurers to locate the dwarven settlement of Stonefast, which even he'd heard legends of as a child. They set out with the lizard and ended up at Zanzer's location, Morrim was excited at the reward, a whole gold piece, that was a fortnight's work in the mines. Then he felt sleepy...


    XP log:

    Wealth log:
    100 gp from starting wealth
    Paid 25gp for Leather Armour, 15 for Warhammer, & 15 for Kit
    Sold XXX for

    Other log:
    XXXX from



    L1 -> CLASS Warlock HP: 12+17 (Per Class)
    Feat: Improved Dark One's Blessing
    Powers Known: Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke, Diabolic Grasp, Armor of Agathys
    Other: OTHER NOTE
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