Secret War - Pt 1 - Escape From Zanzer's Dungeon
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    Secret War - Pt 1 - Escape From Zanzer's Dungeon

    At last bring it inside. Dark corridors and torchlight twist and turn in your nightmares as a deep-sounding voice echoes inside of your throbbing head. Heres your payment Images of a large lizard crawls out of the light and into darkness, then a glimmering gold coin floats out of those shadows and causes blinding light to consume the rest of these images. Look how it glitters! Concentrate on beginning to get very sleepy

    Knock, knock, knock. Water droplets fall from the ceiling onto your temple as you awaken, irritating your headache to increase in its throbbing. The cold stone you awaken on is sticky, for you are lying in a patch of mold on the ground.

    You feel what seems to be incredible pressure on your forehead as you awaken. Your eyes open to find a simple gold piece lying on your forehead. As you pick it off of your face the pressure disappears, but you notice the headache at the back of your skull even more now.

    You awaken in a musty room. The floor and three walls are of solid stone, but the fourth is of thick iron bars. Youre in jail!

    As you look around you see your five friends also waking up, dressed in raggedy cloth tunics such as yourself. All of the clothing and items you were wearing before are now gone, and your bodies are all scraped up as if you were dragged to your present location.

    Outside of the cell you are locked in is a room with a short, skinny table along the wall. This table is bare, save for a whip and a lantern (which is the only light illuminating this room). A thick wooden door looks to be shut tight outside of the jail bars, and the cell door itself appears to be sturdier than the iron bars themselves. The only noises in the room come from the lantern and the grunts of your companions as they regain their feet.

    The last thing you all remember is being hit on the head by a couple of ruffians

    You notice you are the only one inside the cell to awaken on a small pile of hay. Formed like a hump, it explains the slight pain in your lower back.

    When you look forward, past your friend Vondal, you notice on the wall a list of names etched into the stone. All are carved in different handwritings.

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