[OOC] WD's Against the Orcs
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    [OOC] WD's Against the Orcs

    This is the OOC thread for my 'Against the Orcs' game.

    B'n'B Against the Orcs Recruiting RG IC OCC
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    Just dropping a post to say hi!

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    Final version of the Halfling Paladin is up in the RG thread feel free to let me know what you think.

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    Block Padreigh

    Will I ever get used to non-LG Paladins?

    But we really are low on long-range hitting power.
    I mean throwing stars and javelins are nice but we are in for one helluva fight if the orcs bring along some missile troops.

    Sitting behind that nice wooden stockade in the village being peppered with arrows (burning or otherwise) and not being able to shoot back isn't too high on my To-Do-list.

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    Mental note: more archers with burning arrows

    renau1g: Your character looks good. I hope I didn't miss something important.

    Ord Sessadore: same as above. You just have to change healing surges to 7 (6 rogue +1 Con mod)

    Padreigh: Could you use a similar formating like the other? Just quote their posts and fill in your stats (and powers, etc.)
    Does resistances stack? (Poison from both armor and neck slot)
    Can one use a magic staff as a quarterstaff?
    Rest looks good.

    Niehaus: Sling att should be +6 (2 level, 2 dex, 2 prof). Rest looks good.

    Insight: Any more questions before you post your sheet?
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    Block Insight

    I've posted my Warlord to the RG thread.

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    Block Lord Sessadore

    Thanks for the catch, WD. For some reason I thought rogue base surges was 5...

    Anyway, I think I'll pick up a longbow in case we get sieged or somesuch. I just can't use sneak attack or any of my powers with it

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