Religious Sects of Harqual
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    Religious Sects of Harqual

    PROJECT: Religious Sects of Harqual
    Like my organizations project, this list of religious cults will be done as I feel like working on them. The organizations list, which can be found in my Lands of Harqual thread, usually gets first 'billing' in my mind, so to speak.

    • Black Cult of Hiisi, the
    • Cronnís Pride
    • Cult of Erich
    • Cult of Kalak
    • Cult of Můr Mac Iomhair
    • Cult of the Dark Desire, the
    • Cult of the Kul Kings
    • Disciples of the Bloodsun
    • Erudite Order
    • Faithful of the Mountain Lord
    • Fiery Hearts of the Keeper
    • Fists of the Defender, the
    • Lords of Pestilence
    • Mining Prelacy, the
    • Netherís Deathtide
    • Order of Lost Treasures
    • Order of the Elements
    • Order of the Griffin (imported from the Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure 2E boxed set)
    • Order of the Nail (imported from the Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa d20 sourcebook)
    • Order of the Way of the Defending Light
    • Order of Twilight
    • Outriders of Kuil
    • Scourge of Rogue Dragons
    • Shining Swords of Light and Magic
    • Soldiers of Light
    • Tarn, the (imported from AD&D Dark Sun City-state of Tyr)
    • Tyrian Templars, the
    • Vespinís Lost
    • War College of Inanna
    • Warders of Law
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