Game Night

How do gods spent there time? It is an interesting question and one that I am sure this is not exactly the answer to. But it is ia fascinating tales of some gods who sit down to role playing in the Allfather’s world. It is a creative way to have an alternative view on player characters and the game master. The book hooked me from the beginning with the characters on their world and the start of their adventure. The book slips between the narrative of the characters and the ones in the gods realm very seamlessly. This is the best work of gaming fiction I have ever read.

The book is written by Jonny Nexus and yes that a pseudonym. I also think it would serve as a great action hero name from some 1980’s movie. He is the writer behind Critical Miss. He also has a blog somewhere that is mentioned in the preface of the book though I’ve not read that. His Critical Miss stuff is good and should be read. But Game Night is his best work to date.

The novel follows the works of a mismatched adventuring group. The characters are clichés but after a few chapters the reader sees true depth to the characters. Well, except the Warrior who is an evil Paladin of some dark god. He’s pretty much what one expects for the whole book and it is nice to see the character not change. Most gamers know this type of gamer and even I have one of these guys in my own group. I thought about letting him read the book to see what he is like but I think it would just serve to give him more ideas.

As I said above the novel goes between the adventurers in their world and the gods in the over realm. This is a very cool way of showing how the two places differ and what the gods say the characters do. There is no meta game aspect from the point of the characters and I found this really neat as the author explains from their point of view what is happening even if it is a little weird for them. The characters will just know or get a feeling they have to do something without being able to explain and then we see it from the gods point of view where they are just trying to get the game moving along.

There is not a lot about the setting at the start. I assume it is more of a typical fantasy world but as the story goes on and secrets get revealed it is a lot different. It is a very creative world that has cool imagery attached to it. It really shows this is more then just a novel but ideas from someone who has come up with a setting for a RPGgame that is a lot more then it at first seems.

I am not going to put any spoilers about the book here. There are many points that are very funny and really ring true but they will be stronger if the reader comes across them in the context of the story first. I have seen on the net that some people were disappointed with the ended. I personally found it to be perfect and better then anything I was expecting. It is a familiar place for many Game Masters and it was just awesome way to end the book.

Game Night is defiantly a different kind of book. It is about gamer to an extent. Not all types are included here but I think most gamers will either see themselves or someone they know in this book. More then likely, as I did, many people will resemble the characters portrayed here. This is a well written book that made me laugh out loud more then a few times. It makes a great story and one that is easy to read and very entertaining.