Looking for NPC generation tables...

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    Looking for NPC generation tables...

    ... or the names of books that have them. I want to combine several and create the ultimate NPC description generator. Or try and fail.

    What I mean are things that flesh the NPC out, not rules-stuff. So far I know of the following:

    - AEGs toolbox (tables with NPC mannerisms, beggar types, academicians, tavern patrons, dungeon captives, character concepts, all great!)
    - DMG 2 for 3.5 (I think it had some mannerisms??)
    - DMG 4e (two small tables about NPC mannerisms and quirks)

    Do older edition's DMGs have any? Or stuff from Judges Guild?

    Also helpful would be articles in magazines or web pages with similar things. I remember seeing something in Dungeon magazine but forgot in which issue.



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    GM Mastery: NPC Essentials is really good. It is, I'd wager, exactly what you're looking for.
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