The new 4e DM Camapaign Record is a 16 page stapled booklet that's very similiar to the 3rd edition DM Campaign Tracker.

As a matter of fact, looking through it, I can note that most of it is the same. The things that are different seem to be the design. Take the cover, 4th edition so we've got a cover by some guy whose work looks slightly familiar... oh, say William O'Connor? The interior column headings are also in a different style but most of them should be familiar like character reference, basic campaign information and other bits.

The old items page from the 3rd ed version with the wealth by level is gone, replaced with a gridded map for you to draw in your setting. Two pages of XP log gone and replaced with the session history.

Now this doesn't mean the book hasn't been updated. The character reference showcases the 4e terminology. It's just that 99% of this book is useful for any fantasy game system.

Brand new and useful stuff would be the pick pocket table and the tavern name generator in the back and the NPC generator at the front. Reminds me of the old tables from Thieves World and Cities for Runequest.

My biggest disappointment? The initiative tracker on the back of the original DM Campaign Tracker has been removed. Damn shame.

If you're into these things, you'll love it. For me, pad and paper tends to be the way to go because I'm always changing things. Now if this was on some PDF that was editable and I could save it, and it came with the other stuff from the old book, like the random NPC names...