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    FR Heathen Adventure OOC (Full)

    This will be a FR adaptation of the Dungeon adventure Heathen. The adventure will be set in Great Dale and will begin in Kront.

    The Great Dale:
    The Great Dale is the vast, windswept vale that divides two enormous forests, the Dunwood to the north and the Forest of Lethyr to the south. The druids and other folk who inhabit the great rocky tor
    of Yeshelmaar are all that stand between the sparsely settled, wild southern woodlands and the festering evils of the northern forest.

    This rough frontier village at the eastern end of the Great Dale remains free, despite regular raids by warriors from Narfell. Kront is ruled by Lady Chinilvur, the scion of a minor Impilturan noble

    Rogues Gallery

    In Game

    Character Roster:
    Therez: Tiefling Cleric
    Greive: Half-Elf Fighter
    Oramail Elf Ranger
    Cerric: Eladrin Wizard
    Ryash: Genasi Fighter

    House Rules:

    Distances are calculated just like in 3.5. This affects reach as well as burst area of effects, but it does not change blasts which are specifically listed in a square by square format.

    You can choose an encounter or daily class power more then once. If you do select an encounter or daily class power more then once you can use that power as many times as you have selected it per encounter or day.

    Low-light vision increases the prevailing light quality by one step, dim light to bright light, or darkness to dim light. While Darkvision increases the prevailing light level by two steps from dim light to bright light and from darkness to bright light.
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