I've seen a lot of complaint about the current way in which modules are designed in Dungeon. I've also seen a lot of praise for the KotS method. And, of course, vice versa.

I'm interested to see just how you would do it, or what your preferences are in terms of module design.

Personally, I like my fluff up front in one big section that I can completely ignore. I like my encounters to be short'n'sweet in presentation and style. Fluffing encounters with lots of text makes Kzach a very unhappy boy.

I'm not a big fan of modules period as I'd prefer to just make things up on the spot. But I occasionally mine modules for inspiration or trap/encounter ideas so separating the fluff from the crunch is what is useful for me.

That, and reading a friggin novella when you're trying to run an encounter is just bloody annoying. Bullet points are a DM's friend.