Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man
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    Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man Inn is notorious for attracting adventurers from all over the world, and many a tale told starts with an anxious employer entering the rowdy common room of that establishment. The best known inn in town it has not one but two "authentic Old Vic skins" decorating its walls.

    The Hanged Man Inn contains a portal to the Drowned Man, a tavern on Bacarte. It functions much the same way save that the Hanged Man charges significantly more for the three drinks required to get through the portal reliably.

    It is common practice for those that visit the Hanged Man to introduce themselves, even if it is not their true name. The bouncers like to know the name of who they may have to rough up later.

    OOC: This is the new tavern thread. Feel free to interact here while not on adventure.

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    An exceptionally tall and big man sits alone at a table, sipping slowly wine from a cheap cup. He leans under the weight of an old scale mail and hanging on his chair are a sword and a shield crossed by several claws marks.
    As he strokes his beard, he sighs with an air between exhausted and concentrated, and writes something on a small booklet.

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    The door of the Hanged Man Inn opens again, and a tall figure steps into the main hall. Mustard yellow hands with dark brown spots on them rise up and throw back the hood of this travelers cloak. Revealed is the face of a Githyanki woman of about 20 years. Her dark read hair flows in braids over her shoulders and around her long and pointed ears. Her dark eyes sweep the room, evaluating everything and everyone in a single long glance. She also notices the sign asking visitors to introduce themselves aloud upon entering the place. She is tired of walking and doesn't want to be kicked out for not obeying the rules, so she acquiesces this time. "I am Kama'zer Anma'giduu for anyone who needs to know."

    She takes a seat at a table near the far wall, with a clear view of the entire room. She orders a drink and some hot food to eat. Removing her cloak, she hangs it over the back of her chair along with her shield. She drops her backpack at her feet. Her hide armor looks well maintained as well. The scimitar hanging at her side seems to be similarly well taken care of. She begins eating and drinking, but her eyes constantly roam around the room taking in everything.
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    The portal surges and from it sways a Minotaur whose fur is a mottled mixture of grey and black save for a line of red fur which follows his spine to the nape of his neck. All told the creature must be well over seven feet in height, without accounting for his horns. He is dressed in gleaming chainmail and there is a massive bastard sword at his waist.

    The bull blinks slowly and glances around nodding to the occupants of the Hanged Man. His eyes flicker to the sign above the bar and he lets out a small sigh.

    "Alright everbody? I'm Brudd Brassback, hic, Cleric of Hadeys, 'n such, not that you'd know it," the minotuar grasps a holy symbol in one massive fist and shakes it up at the ceiling admonishingly, "for all the good it does me! Divinely favored my arse! Looking for, hic, profitable work, hic. Nice to meet all of you."

    With the formalities taken care over Brudd moves over to the bar and orders up some stew.
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    The door to the tavern clatters open then closed. A figure wrapped in fine clothes of red and purple, his or her head hidden walks into the dim tavern light. His/her hands move to adjust the cloak and in the light, it is clear that they are not-human: Instead, three digits of metal connected with fibrous bundlesŚa warforged. As the hood is pulled closer, it seems vivid flames run along the 'forged's "musculature" before fading.

    Seeing the sign, the warforged says simply, I am called 'Incarnation'. Noting the others, the warforged walked purposefully to the hand drawn map in the glass case on the wall.

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    The door to the Hanged Man swings open once more, and a tall, well-muscled figure steps into the tavern. Dressed in rough clothes that would fit in on the dockside or aboard ship, the creature is revealed by the light of the hearth to be a bugbear. An improbably large rapier strapped to his back, the bugbear surveys the crowd, taking each patron's measure. His eyes linger on the minotaur waving the holy symbol of Hadeys.

    "The name's Hrav Kogata," the bugbear states loudly. "If anyone's looking for some hired muscle, I'm your gob."

    Stalking over and sitting at the bar next to the minotaur, Hrav says "You look familiar. Have I threatened you before? I used to work odd jobs for the Merchants and other powers that be on Bacarte. You ever owe anyone money? Move in on someone's turf? That sort of thing."

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