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    Tyrion replies, with a tremulous smile,

    "I will gladly accept your aide Master Callan, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. I have nothing to give you but my gratitude, and of course anything we recover from the bandits is yours."

    Seeing Ts'iri watching them the Eladrin beckons her over,

    "Your pardon Madam, but I am seeking heroes to help me save my sister Ashara from a band of murderous brigands. She has been in there clutches for a week and I am beyond desperation. If you could find it in your heart... I cannot repay you, but with my gratitude. Will you help us?"


    So we have a Ranger, a Warlord, a Warlock, and a Wizard. Not a badly balanced bundle! renau1g has also expressed an interest though I am not sure what he is running, lets hope its a defender! So I think we should be good to go. We will probably move out of the tavern tomorrow and get going.
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    "Helping someone brings its own reward. Though hopefully I'll find a lead on where my errant son has gotten off to at some point. I'd hope he's not mixed up with these Branders." replies Callen.

    renau1g is running a doppleganger feylock I believe.

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    Kama'zer eyes this new Githyanki with suspicion as soon as she walks in the door. After the girl has walked closer and introduced herself, Kama'zer realizes that she is fingering the handle of her scimitar nervously. Her parents always warned her that other Githyanki were different and wouldn't understand. They told her she could be hunted by her own kind if they only knew. So now the only question was whether this one was hunting her or not. Time for a test to evaluate her reaction...

    "Tyrion, my apologies. I forgot to introduce myself to you. I am called Kama'zer Anma'giduu." Finishing her late introduction, she carefully watches the other Githyanki woman to see if there is any reaction from her...

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    Ts'iri goes over to Tyrion and listens to what he has to say. She thinks it over for a moment. Tracking down brigands didn't sound overly exciting and no pay sounded even worse. However brigands tended to steal things which should mean they aren't poor and the other Gith seemed to be going along so she might find out something about herself.

    Well, it seemed pretty even why she should and shouldn't go. The deciding factor was that she wasn't doing anything better right now. "Sure, why not." She then listened to Callen and Kama'zer talk.
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    Please let me know in the discussion thread if you think we should go with the standard group of five - with three of those five being strikers. Or if we should try to recruit a defender as well.

    I don't really have enough 4th edition experience to tell, but it seems like Riar'lon might do for the defender role at a pinch. I have not yet seen how necessary the roles are to balance so I suppose I am tending toward the overly cautious here.

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    The hooded warforged looks at the half-elf and the others gathering around him with an aloof air, but does not interfere or say anything. If anything, he'd almost seemed to huff, if a creature that did not breathe could be said to do so.

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    Brudd watches the warforged with an appraising eye, taking in his robes and watching as a line of eldritch fire crackles across a piece of exposed plateing. After a moment he strides over and clears his throat loudly.

    "Hey tin wizard, ye look like ye can handle yer magic, care to throw yer lot in with our little band over 'ere? I'm Brudd, if ye didn't hear, and these fine fella's are Hrav, and Duran of the Claws. We figured we'd recruit our own little band of mercs so we don't get stuck with the first Throm, Eldrik, or Harry who signs up when work turns up. What d' ye say?"

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    A shifter walks down the stairs to the common room, the floorboards of the stairs not creaking the slightest. Used to the routine of the place, the shifter lopes over to the bar, orders a bowl of stew and goats milk, and turns to face the crowd. "I am Rurdev." While is food is being fetched the shifter looks among the crowd seeing if he notices anybody familiar. None that looked familiar...his gaze lingers on the warforged nearby. Rurdev gives the creature a slow nod, not knowing whether the genderless construct considered itself male or female.

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    A robed tall man enters the tavern, his face covered by his hood. His chin, with two conical braided beards are the only visible portion of his face. His skin is lime green and yellow. Certainly a gith.
    The robed figure walks some steps into the room, stops and proclaims "Mri'Thas" after pronouncing his name, he approaches the bar, but don't sit. "Water" he demands. With a quick nod to the glass, it started to float to his head. The gith drinks quickly, and the empty glass goes over the table again. "More" he said again, with a dryness of a desert.

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    A door opens and a familiar face walks in, the human with fanciful clothing, a neat and trimmed beard, and carrying only a dagger at his hip.

    "Hello and well met my friends and companions, tonight is a night of celebration as we have so many newcomers to this fine establishment. Quite the group indeed, it appears that introductions are in order. My name is Murphy Tang, friend and colleague of all who call the sea their home. I hope there's at least one sea dog amongst you." the newcomer says with a grin and booming voice.

    He saunters over to the bar with an air of confidence and grabs a drink. Murphy turns and looks at the crowd and notices a group sitting together and invites himself over.

    "Well, ain't this a fine collection of souls, what are you all doing on such a fine evening such as this? Celebrating something, I hope. Mind if I grab a seat? I always enjoyed a good chat" the man says gregariously, taking his seat without waiting for the response.
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