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    The shifter tongue moves over his lips and he stares under the robed one's hood for a long moment. "M-M-May I sit?"

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    Entering the Hanged Man is a hulking blue-scaled Dragonborn in full plate bearing a confident demeanor. He lets out a long hissing sound, which any reptillian will recognize as a Dragonborn greeting. He then walks boldly to the bar.

    "Greetingsss friend, I will have Ale if you pleassse" he tells the barkeep. Skalisss looks around for any Dragonborn or Lizardfolk, satisfied there are none he relaxes and opens up to conversation to those around him.

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    Girth gulps at his ale and soon finishes the mug. Getting to his feet he starts to make for the bar...but he does not get there!

    As he walks he suddenly stares at the dragon-born standing at the bar. His jaw drops open and words tumble out in a hectic jumble.

    "You...not you...She do not like you...others...where...Yes, My Lady!"

    He whirls around and starts to march around the room staring at each character in turn. The Worforged and the Shifter he passes in silence. To Tander he smiles "You know, do you not, yes? But it matters not, see you will."

    He starts when he sees the rabbit and clutches his spear closely. His lips curl back revealing his teeth but he says nothing, only a low hiss emerging.

    At length he comes to the table of Captain Azrael and his potential recruits.

    "Aha! 'Tis you. It is, is it not? The One of Destiny. You are the one she tells me to follow. She speaks to me and tells to me that it is so."

    He twirls his spear around, embeds it in the floor and holds out his hand to the Captain. "Girth Snowbird, at your service to the death. Regret you will not."

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    Hrav looks over at Brudd, Alexander, and Quagmire, and twitches his ears in amusement.

    "This half-elf's an interesing one," he mutters to his companions. "Still, I suppose he must be handy in a fight, or someone so... like that... probably wouldn't have lasted long."


    That's the fifth for the monster pirate adventure, and a good fit tactically, actually. Warlock's are pseudo-controllers, and this gives us some range we were missing.

    Alexander - Human Fighter (honorary monster pirate for having grown up on Bacarte)
    Quagmire - Hobgoblin Warlord
    Brudd - Minotaur Cleric
    Hrav - Bugbear Rogue
    Girth - Half-Elf Warlock

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvolutionKB View Post
    The shifter tongue moves over his lips and he stares under the robed one's hood for a long moment. "M-M-May I sit?"
    The 'forged does not move, keeping its cowl focused ahead. You appear capable of doing so. If you mean to 'join', I am not here to stop you. Sit, if you will.

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    Captain Azrael sputters and coughs a bit when the half elf starts talking to him so accusingly. Then he stares hard at the man, blinks once, and nods slowly while reaching out to take the hand of this... person to shake it firmly and slowly. "She sent you?! Truly? Then you are the last I was waiting for." The Captain says with a nervous swallow.

    "Here be the job. I've had some cargo of mine taken. And me ship is crawlin' with ruffians who work for the one that took my cargo. I need your muscle to take out these ruffians and help with any other fights we come across while gettin' back me cargo so I can deliver it and make a fortune which I'll split with you all and da' crew. Ya don't have to worry 'bout sailing the ship, I got a regular crew for that, but ya might lend a hand here and there and learn a thing or two." Azrael says while leaning forward on his elbows and looking from person to person. He dumps out the jingling belt pouch which he was tossing earlier and the table is covered in gold pieces. "I thought I might find more people ta help, so I could only offer 40 each. But since there's only five of ya, you can each have 50 gold now if you're in. Do with it what ya will and then meet me at dock six in one hour. We'll take back my ship back and get my cargo, then deliver it and make a fortune!"

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    "Right ye are Captain." Says Brudd taking the time to make five neat stacks of ten coins which he then places in his coinpurse.

    "Nice to have ye onboard Girth, ye may be nuttier than a Bacartian Diabolist, but if ye do yer job we'll get along just fine." The Minotaur stands, I'll see ye all in a few."

    After he gets out of ear shot of the new recruit he begins a long monologue.

    "Harhar, very funny, ye up there in yer Invisible Castle, while I 'ave te deal with the lunatic. Ye couldn't just let one slide could ye, no, no. Brudd can't catcha break, where'd be the fun in that. He better be good, otherwise I'm donatin' 'im to Netari and let 'im bug a mermaid. I've got fifty gold I'll donate it if ye send us a shapley cow, not Daps, as a ship mate - I can't say fairer than that! No, thought not."

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    Opening the door with no small effort, the short character gets into the in, with victory airs. "Aha! No door can beat Dalzim Zalimock, Mage extraordinaire. Hello good people of such fine establishment, I assume that my reputation has precede me this far? Haven't you ever heard of ol' good Dalzim? No? Well I'm mostly surprised!" the gnome sighs "In that case, consider yourselves extremely lucky, for you have known Dalzim the Magnificent in person." The wizard makes an overexagerated bow, and walks to the bar, which seems incredibly tall for the little fellow. He mumbles something and managed to climb one seat. "A glass of your finest strawberry liquor my good man." he addresses the barman.

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    The door to the Hanged Man opens again this time ushering in a elderly gentleman. "Things have gotten a little slower than days of old, hrm..." he says under his breath as he slowly makes his way across the room. The man leans on his sturdy hardwood cane as his tan robes shuffle across the sandy floor. The man's hair is long-ish and quite grey though it is well groomed and not the least bit frizzled.

    Clearing his throat as he stands near the far end of the bar near to a small stage or platform (though not on it), he commences, "Attention all, I have need of a few good souls who might help me in solving a mystery most distressing." He clears his throat again, his voice clouded. "This place used to have all sorts of up and comers, why Mauros and Aurelia met here once, before the Brotherhood started the what not if I remember correctly." Coughing slightly, the old sage thanks the barkeep as he is passed a glass of water and adjusts the spectacles adorning his hawkish nose.

    Continuing, "Now where was I? Oh yes, I have a rather specific request though should any knowledgable of the Imperium be available for work." he stops again and sips his water. "Oh here, where are my manners, I am the Sage Astrepius Sicilus. My research tends to veer into the occult especially after the Brotherhood was stopped by the five so very recently. I've come upon a rather puzzling, and some might say ominously portentous, quandary and I have need of some assistance."

    He stops there to clear his throat and see if any of the assembled adventurers are interested. His dark grey eyes scan the crowd (?) quite focused and intent in spite of any symptoms of age his frame would suggest.

    ooc: This is a recruitment for the Sibylline Idol. 4 slots have already been filled by Incarnation, Amicus, Rurdev, and Riardon. There is one more slot as well.

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    A tall and unusual muscular eladrin enters the tavern right behind the sage. He has the gaze of someone who has already seen enough [...] for several lifetimes. His silvery hair flows freely as he looks around with vibrant blue eyes.
    "My name is Riardon d'Cealis. Former captain of the imperial guard. You should choose me, if you seek something with knowledge about the Imperium."
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