While working up the background for my half elf I am unsure where I should place him (and his sire). So far I have Girth as the product of the rape of his human mother by some elf or eladrin. Reading the wiki I can't work out where best to have this happen. I considered the wooded interior of Daunton but that didn't seem to fit the Eladrin bit but could fit an elf?

Then there is the story of the 'rapine etc that went on when Allaria was cut off. That could fit - but where?

Also the Imperium seems heavily Eladrin. Perhaps this all happened over there and Girth has only quite recently arrived in the area - perhaps looking for his father? To avenge his mother? This would be my preferred option as it provides some hooks and also cuts him off from home which could add some more stress!

Any comments or suggestions? Also if he is from the Imperium what would his original language be? I can't find that.