Okay, here are my suggestions for matching the L4W Pantheon to the channel divinity feats. I am not happy with Aphrodeys, but I cannot think of anything more appropriate, maybe Armor of Bahamut could cover both her and Proserphones and be dubbed Ward of the Goddess?

Corellion's Grace becomes Deios's Grace.

Sehaine's Reversal becomes Erath's Reversal.

Melora's Tide becomes Tide of Poseeydus.

Raven Queen's blessing becomes Deliver unto Death available to clerics of Hadeys and Hermethis.

Moradin's Resolve becomes Resolve of Eefeystos.

Kord's Favor becomes Favored of Aressus.

Pelor's Radiance becomes Light of the Heavens available to Clerics of Arthamis and Phoebus.

Ioun's Poise becomes Will of the Gods available to Palladys and Aphrodeys.

Armor of Bahamut becomes Proserphones Ward.