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    Good point Atanatotatos, as I said, I hadn't really looked at them, but knew they were an option. If they're unbalanced, I retract my statement.

    *sigh* I hoped power creep wouldn't happen so soon.


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    I don't think they're unbalanced... It's that most core divinity feats are crap. So.... don't really know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    Quick Question. I haven't really looked at it, but there's a whole whack of feats in the FR player's Guide. Now I know there's a three month waiting period for the books, but its another source if we're looking to create new feats, to test the power level of them.
    Actually the current position is "three months and discuss whether or not we go non-core".

    There was some chunk of people (who I can no longer remember) who felt we should be SRD-only (or the 4e equivalent) like LEW is.

    From a judges standpoint it's a fairly massive nightmarish discussion. You have
    • core purists for balance
    • core purist for roleplaying reasons
    • core purists for time/economic reasons (don't want to have to spend a lot of time or money to be "up to date" or to keep their characters on the power curve)
    • people who only want core + printed books (I think it's perceived as being more balanced)
    • people who only want core + free online stuff (cost and/or lack of access to books)
    • people who want everything
    • people who want make up their own stuff (which LEW actually apparently allows now... so it's SRD + player generated content)

    And... people aren't real flexible.

    You can toss out options that are designed to split the difference (i.e. core classes get 25 attribute points, but core + online or books get 22 -> address balance issues encourage people to play "core") but nobody votes for that.

    And with DDI being charged for? Not sure it'll be easier.

    I think that in 3 months we'll be comfortable and happy enough playing with each other to have a chance of effectively forging consensus.

    Now? It's tough. Especially since we've only got one character available to people. I'd hate to see people retiring their characters after all the effort they're spending making and approving them.

    Not to mention that this can of worms often brings with it other issues (i.e. some people want to limit "weird" choices)

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    Yeah. It's a can of worms. I, for one, intend to put my head down and ignore it as best as possible for a few more months.
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