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    New Discussion Thread

    This thread is a continuation of the old discussion thread (which had grown to prodigious length).

    The hope is that a new discussion thread will be a little bit more inviting for people.

    This is for general discussion. While you should feel free to post about whatever you like there are several other threads that may be more appropriate for certain topics:
    The Character Review Thread -- in principle character approval is handled by email, but communication regarding approved characters can also go here
    The adventures you're thinking about running
    The characters you're planning on playing
    There are many other, more detailed threads; you can find them on the forum.

    Generally Useful Links
    Character Creation Guide
    L4W Forum
    L4W Wiki (Main) - includes a lot of important but somewhat random information
    The Transitive Isles - the wiki that explains the setting; includes links to more detailed sections

    If you have an idea about what character you want to play you can also just join us in the Tavern and roleplay.
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