GKs' geography thread OF DOOM
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    GKs' geography thread OF DOOM

    Work on the maps continues sporadically. None of them are what I would consider finished. In the interests of transparency I'll upload my newest source files here.

    I am also taking requests. I am not happy with the way some of the maps turned out (such as 13). Rather then fiddle with them forever I decided to just upload what I had. I am not married to any of the ideas so I don't mind changing them.
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    copy/paste of guide from other thread:

    I got the idea from Worldbuilding Resources: Hex Map GIMP Brushes Inkwell Ideas

    I am still learning the GIMP so my method may not be the best way to do things.

    First, download and install the GIMP. Its a free open source image manipulation program.
    GIMP - Windows installers

    Next, install the hex brushes. They are in a zip file attached. They should go in
    \Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\brushes

    Go File -> Open to open up a map. I've included some attached.

    One important thing to remember is always be aware of what layer you are working on. Push Ctrl-L to bring up the Layer dialog and click on the Terrain layer if its not already selected.

    Now you want to make sure the grid is set. Click Image -> Configure Grid and make sure it is set to Width 34, Height 19. If not click the chain under the boxes and change the settings. Click Okay then click View -> Snap To Grid

    click the pencil tool and click the black dot below it to select the brush you want. start painting!

    when done go:
    File -> Save As
    change file extension to .png
    select Merge Visible Layers
    click Export
    click save
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    reserved (just in case)

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