This is sort of a random thought (I've been playing a lot of Spore lately) but I've been thinking lately about achievements.

What I'm thinking of is that every adventure (or, more fundamentally, every major quest) would have associated with it an achievement that the PC would earn by successfully completing the quest.

So, after a few adventures, Falstaff the Fighter would be the Slayer of Gorgo the Blood-Thirsty, Discoverer of the Lost Tomb of Doom, and Saviour of the Mumplestump Orphans.

This wouldn't have any mechanical effect (at least I'm not envisioning such at this point) but it'd provide a sort of fluffy reputation mechanism.

Submitted adventures would include the proposed achievement under the Success part of their central quest. I don't think it's too late to retrofit the current adventures with it.

So... that's my idea. Comments are very welcome.