I have been toying with the implementation of a balancing mechanism for character wealth for a few day and I would like feedback on the following proposal.

This proposal relies upon a couple of premises which I am not certain are accurate - though I believe they are.

  • Since their are five "item slots" at each level for a party of five a PC who recieves a different slot at levels 1-5 should be relatively balanced with another PC whose slots were in a different order. Thus over five level a PC who starts off with a level 5 item should even out with one who begins with a 2nd level item, etc.
  • Characters classes benefit similarily from different levels of items.
My suggestion is that each player begins with four or five slots. I would prefer four which would be slightly higher powered than the DMG, but would allow for each character to recieve a magic item at every level - which I think is reasonable given the slow pace of PBP. We have also established a precedent of having a slightly elevated power level given the point buy, etc. Each PC would also recieve 1/5 th of the recommended gold value each level.

These slots would be recorded upon the players character sheet.

So a starting PC would have...

Reward Slots:
1 2 3 4 (these slots do not correspond to item levels, but rather to the place upon the charts on page 126 of the DMG)

His first DM would then be able to choose any of these slots for his item.

So Phoenix decides to give Brudd a 5th level item and would then tell me to remove my number one slot. The DM running the game Brudd is in as he goes from 2nd to third level then deicdes to give Brudd an item of 4th level which at 2nd level corresponds to the third slot.

Brudd's sheet would now read...

Reward Slots:
1 2 3 4

Obviously adopting such a system would involve a little more book keeping and would require DMs to tailor items to players and for players to occasionally not vie for an item that they would like, but know in OOC is not meant for their character. But I believe it would be an excellent balancing mechanism.

I know that the current system is wait and see, but I thought I would put this out there for consideration.