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    The Pie... Err... Keep on the Shadowfell.

    The Hivers' Humorous Keep on the Shadowfell - IC Thread. Be warned, this game will contain raunchy, as well as outright bad humor. From time to time some mildly adult themes and most certainly lots of Bad Wrong Fun Gaming.

    Feel free to start IC banter guys. I see you were already eager in the OOC to start building the personalities. Just wait a minute or two so I can post the first IC post, please. (okay that's done, you can go now.)

    Sir Voluminous Enormous, Dragonborn Paladin
    Signature quote: "Good for the Good God!"
    Level 1, Lawful Good

    Str: 16 +3
    Con: 14 +2
    Dex: 8 -1
    Int: 12 +1
    Wis: 14 +2
    Cha: 16 +3

    AC: 19
    Fort: 15
    Ref: 12
    Will: 14
    Init: -1
    Spd: 5

    Hit Points: 29 Bloodied: 14
    Healing Surge: 9 Per Day: 12

    Basic Attacks:
    Longsword: +6, 1d8+4

    Breath (minor; encounter):
    - Close Blast 5; str+2 vs ref; +5; 1d6+2 (fire)
    Holy Strike (standard; at-will):
    - +6 vs AC, 1d8+4 (+2 if marked) (radiant)
    Bolstering Strike (standard; at-will):
    - +6 vs AC, 1d8+4 & gain 2 temp.HP
    Radiant Smite (standard; encounter):
    - +6 vs AC, 2d8+6 (radiant)
    Paladin's Judgement (standard; daily):
    - +6 vs AC, 3d8+4 & one ally within 5 can spend healing surge
    - miss: one ally within 5 can spend healing surge

    Feats: Expanded breath (breath weapon is blast 5 instead of blast three - all the better to SET THINGS ON FIRE!)

    Passive Insight 12
    Passive Perception 12
    Endurance 5
    Heal 7
    History 8
    Religion 6

    Race and Class Features:
    Draconic Heritage
    Dragonborn Fury
    Dragon Breath
    Channel Divinity
    Divine Challenge
    Lay on Hands

    At Will: Holy Strike, Bolstering Strike
    Encounter: Radiant Smite
    Daily: Paladin's Judgement

    Equipment: Plate Armor (50gp), Light Shield (5gp), Longsword (15gp),
    Standard Adventurer's Kit (15gp), Holy Symbol (10gp), 50sp.

    Lord Tirian
    Thorid Kilkrag, the Dwarven Fix-It Mechanic!
    Male Dwarf Rogue
    Level 1, Unaligned

    Str: 14 (+2)
    Con: 14 (+2)
    Dex: 16 (+3)
    Int: 13 (+1)
    Wis: 13 (+1)
    Cha: 10 (+0)

    AC: 15
    Fort: 12
    Ref: 15
    Will: 11
    Init: +3
    Spd: 5

    Hit Points: 26 Bloodied: 13
    Healing Surge: 6 Per Day: 8

    Basic Attacks:
    Dagger: +6 vs. AC (1d4+2)
    Shuriken: +6 vs. AC (1d6+3)

    Deft Strike (dagger, at-will): Move up to 2 squares, +7 vs. AC (1d4+3)
    Deft Strike (shuriken, at-will): Move up to 2 squares, +6 vs. AC (1d6+3)
    Piercing Strike (dagger, at-will): +7 vs. Ref (1d4+3)
    Torturous Strike (dagger, encounter): +7 vs. AC (2d4+5)
    Easy Target (dagger, daily): +7 vs. AC (2d4+3, slowed and CA (save ends both)); miss: half dmg and CA until end of your next turn.
    Easy Target (shuriken, daily): +6 vs. AC (2d6+3, slowed and CA (save ends both)); miss: half dmg and CA until end of your next turn.


    Passive Insight 16
    Passive Perception 16
    (T) Athletics (Str) +7
    (T) Dungeoneering (Wis) +8
    Endurance (Con) +4
    (T) Insight (Wis) +6
    (T) Perception (Wis) +6
    (T) Stealth (Dex) +8
    (T) Thievery (Dex) +8

    Race and Class Features:
    Cast Iron Stomach (+5 saving throws vs. poison)
    Dwarven Resilience (second wind as minor action)
    Dwarven Weapon Proficiency
    Encumbered Speed
    Low-light vision
    Stand Your Ground
    First Strike
    Rogue Tactics (Brutal Rogue)
    Rogue Weapon Talent
    Sneak Attack (+2d8+2)

    At Will: Deft Strike, Piercing Strike
    Encounter: Torturous Strike
    Daily: Easy Target

    Equipment: Leather armour (25 gp), Screwdriver dagger (1 gp), 5 shuriken (1 gp), standard adventurer’s kit (15 gp), thieves’ tools (20 gp), 38 gp.

    Ellis Bertram
    Male Human Wizard
    Level 1, Good

    Str: 10 +0
    Con: 13 +1
    Dex: 10 +0
    Int: 20 +5
    Wis: 13 +1
    Cha: 8 -1

    AC: 16
    Fort: 12
    Ref: 16
    Will: 14
    Init: +0
    Spd: 6

    Hit Points: 23 Bloodied: 11
    Healing Surge: 5 Per Day: 7

    Basic Attacks:
    Staff: +0, 1d6
    Magic Missile: +5 vs. Reflex, 2d4+5

    Magic Missile (standard; at-will):
    - +5 vs Reflex, 2d4+5 (arcane, force, implement)
    - Ranged 20
    Ray of Frost (standard; at-will):
    - +5 vs Fortitude, 1d6+5 & slowed 1 turn (arcane, cold, implement)
    - Ranged 10
    Thunderwave (standard; at-will):
    - +5 vs Fortitude, 1d6+5 & push 1 square (arcane, implement, thunder)
    - Close Blast 3
    Ray of Enfeeblement (standard; encounter):
    - +5 vs Fortitude, 1d10+5 & weakened 1 turn (arcane, implement, necrotic)
    - Ranged 10
    Flaming Sphere (standard; daily):
    - +5 vs Reflex, 2d6+5 (arcane, conjuration, fire, implement)
    - Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to the sphere takes 1d4+5 dmg
    - Sustain minor
    - Move action: move sphere 6 squares
    - Standard action: attack with sphere
    Sleep (standard; daily):
    - +5 vs Will, Slowed [save ends] (arcane, implement, sleep)
    - If the first save is failed, target becomes unconcious [save ends]
    - miss: target is slowed [save ends]

    Linguist [1st]
    Linguist [Human]

    Passive Insight 11
    Passive Perception 11
    Arcana +10
    Dungeoneering +6
    History +10
    Nature +6
    Religion +10


    Race and Class Features:
    Bonus At-Will Power
    Bonus Feat
    Bonus Skill
    Human Defense Bonuses
    Arcane Implement Mastery (Staff of Defense)
    Cantrips (ghost sound, light, mage hand, prestidigitation)

    At Will: Magic Missle, Ray of Frost, Thunderwave
    Encounter: Ray of Enfeeblement
    Daily: Sleep* OR Flaming Sphere
    *currently prepared

    Equipment: Plate Armor (50gp), Light Shield (5gp), Longsword (15gp),
    Standard Adventurer's Kit (15gp), Holy Symbol (10gp), 50sp.

    Fresh from six years at Arcanum College (Go Wolverines!), Ellis has just graduated with his Master of Magic (M.M.) degree. While in college Ellis was consistently top of his class, and also involved in a number of extra-curricular activites. Secretary of the Youth Adventurer's Guild; Drum Major in the marching band; President, founder and sole member of the Merlin Appreciation Society; and treasurer of the glee club. Extreme devotion to his school? Or just an inability to ever say "no"?

    Sadly, in the six years that Ellis has been strenuously avoiding the real world, the economy has tanked. Jobs are few and far between, and tuition loans are looming ominously on the horizon. He was on the brink of an act of desparation (moving back in with his parents) when he saw the ad placed in the local paper.

    We are a group of heroes seeking someone to lend their arcane might to our efforts. Come, join us on the path of rightousness!
    Apply to Sir Voluminous Enormous, Number 5 Grove Street.

    Also sought: one hireling for armor polishing, equipment carrying, cooking and other assorted duties.
    Mechanically inclined, a plus.

    He wasted no time in applying for the position. But due to a terrible mix-up, he seems to have gotten the wrong job. He keeps trying to explain the error, but nobody seems to pay any attention. Normally he'd simply give up on them. . . but money's tight. And it IS a steady pay-check. And really, they have to notice sooner or later, right? . . . Right?

    Ellis's deepest darkest secret. On no account should any of you read this.
    No, really. I'm serious, this is personal stuff.
    c'mon guys, knock it off!
    I hate you.
    Ellis is still a virgin. Chicks dig adventurers, right?

    Korz Cragstone
    Male Dwarf Inquisitor (warlord)
    Level 1, Unaligned

    Str: 18 +4
    Con: 13 +1
    Dex: 8 -1
    Int: 10 0
    Wis: 12 +1
    Cha: 14 +2

    AC: 18 (17 without light shield)
    Fort: 15
    Ref: 11 (10 without light shield)
    Will: 13
    Init: -1
    Spd: 5

    Hit Points: 25 Bloodied: 12
    Healing Surge: 6 Per Day: 8

    Basic Attack:
    Warhammer: +6, 1d10+4

    Furious Smash (standard; at-will):
    - +6 vs Fort, 4 damage and a chosen ally adjacent to you or the target gets +2 power (= cha bonus) to attack roll and damage Vs target till the end of that characters next turn
    Wolf pack tactics (standard; at-will):
    chosen ally adjacent to you or target may shift 1 square as a free action then
    - +6 vs AC, 1d10+4
    Hammer and Anvil (standard; encounter):
    - +6 vs Ref, 1d10+4
    Bastion of Defence (standard; daily):
    - +6 vs AC, 3D10+4 & allies within 5 squares of you gain +1 power bonus to all defences until end of the encounter
    Effect: allies within 5 squares of you gain 7 temporary hit points (= 5 + cha bonus)
    Feats: Armor Proficiency (Scale)

    Passive Insight 11
    Passive Perception 11

    Intimidate 7
    Heal 6
    History 5
    Diplomacy 7

    Dungeoneering 3
    Endurance 3

    Race and Class Features:
    Dwarven Reslience:Use Second wind as a minor action
    Cast Iron Stomach: +5 racial bonus to saving throws against poison.
    Encumbered Speed: You move at normal speed even when it would normally be reduced by armor of heavy load.
    Stand Your Ground: when you are forced to move move 1 less square. when going prone make immediate saving throw to avoid going prone.

    Combat Leader: You and each ally within 10 squares gains a +2 power bonus to initiative
    Inspiring Presence: when allies spend an action point they heal 2 hit points (1/2 level plus charisma mod)
    Inspriring Word: (minor; 2xencounter):
    - one ally in close burst 5. Effect target can spend a healing surge amd regain an additional 1d6 hit points

    At Will: Furious Smash, Wolf Pack Tactics
    Encounter: Hammer and Anvil
    Daily: Bastion of Defence

    Equipment: Scale Armor 45lb (45gp), Light Shield 6lb (5gp), Warhammer [1D10 versatile +2 proficiency] 5lb (15gp),
    Standard Adventurer's Kit 33lbs(15gp), Lantern 2lb (7gp), oil x10 [from errata]10lb (10sp) 20sp pocket change.
    101lb of equipment total carrying capacity of 180lbs

    1 pony Bar'ak (daisy) to carry misc replacement bits for clockwork armor.


    A senile ancient dwarf with He has a black none moving glass eye occupying the right socket and a pale blue beady eye functioning eye in his left socket, a large nose pokes over a mass of white hair coming out of the lower part of his face that totally covers his mouth, braided in heavy metal clasps in several places.
    4ft 6 in height his relatively fragile body (for a dwarf) is encased in a whirring-ticking-clunking set of bronzey/brown coloured clockwork/mechanised armor that provides him with a physical drive to match his fervor.
    The left leg is replaced by a fully mechanical limb with ends in a flattend base with four metallic pads branching off for stability which themselves have a limited degree of movement.

    Relique du Madde

    “Jasper Dream” aka Dietre Siegfried Kohler Feistivos III
    Male Tiefling (Ranger)
    Level 1 Hippie (Good)

    Str: 15 +2
    Con: 12 +1
    Dex: 15 +2
    Int: 10 +0
    Wis: 14 +2
    Cha: 13 +1

    AC: 13
    Fort: 13
    Ref: 13
    Will: 12
    Init: +2
    Spd: 6

    Hit Points: 29 Bloodied: 14
    Healing Surge: 7 Per Day: 7

    Basic Attacks:
    Longsword (main): +6, 1d8+2 (1d8+3 when using two weapons)
    Longsword (off hand): +6, 1d8+2

    Double the Pleasure (standard; at-will):
    - REQUIRED: Wielding 2 melee weapons or a ranged weapon.
    - Strength vs AC (melee; main and off-hand) or Dexterity vs. AC (ranged)
    - 2 attacks: 1[W] damage per attack.

    Hit and Run (standard; at-will):
    - Strength vs AC
    - Hit: 1[W] + Strength mod damage
    - Leaving first square adjacent to target doe not provoke OA

    Harshed Mellow (minor; encounter):
    - +1 to attack a target that hit JD
    - Successful attack deals extra damage equal to CHR Mod

    Frenzied Love In (standard; encounter):
    - REQUIRED: Wielding 2 melee weapons.
    - Close burst 1, Strength vs AC
    - Hit: 1[W] + STR mod damage

    Love Bite (standard; daily):
    - Strength vs. AC (melee) or Dexterity vs. AC.
    - Hit: 2[W] + STR Mod or 2[w] + DEX mod damage. Slowed. 5 damage (ongoing) [save ends]
    - Miss: Damage. No ongoing damage. Slowed [until end of next turn]

    Toughness, Two-weapon Fighting

    Passive Insight 10
    Passive Perception 10

    Acrobatics +7
    Athletics +7
    Healing +7
    Nature +7
    Stealth +9
    Bluff +3

    Common, Elven

    Race and Class Features:
    Bloodhunt: +1 attack bloodied foes.
    Fire Resistance: 5 + (1/2 Level)
    Harshed Mellow (Infernal Wrath): Enc. Power
    Hunter’s Quarry: +1d6 extra damage to nearest enemy (minor action, once per round)
    Prime Shot: +1 range attack if no allies closer to target then JD.
    Two-Blade Fighting Style: Wield one-handed weapon as off-hand weapon

    At Will: Hit and Run, Double the Pleasure (Twin Strike)
    Encounter: Frenzied Love In (Dire Wolverine Strike)
    Daily: Love Bite (Hunter’s Bear Trap)

    Adventure's Kit (15pg), Clothing (Free), Leather Armor (25gp), Longswordx2 (30gp), Lute (25gp), 5gp.


    Height: 6'2"
    weight: 160lb.
    Complexion: Pale
    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Dark Brown, long and matted.
    Tail: Long slender.
    Likes: Peace, Love, Music, Nature.
    Dislikes: Having his mellow harshed. "The Magistrate."

    Midnight Star
    Female Eladrin Warlock (Star Pact)
    Level 1, Unaligned

    Str: 8 -1
    Con: 14 +2
    Dex: 14 +2
    Int: 16 +3
    Wis: 11 +0
    Cha: 16 +3

    AC: 13
    Fort: 12
    Ref: 14
    Will: 15 (20/Charms)
    Init: +6
    Spd: 6

    Hit Points: 26 Bloodied: 13
    Healing Surge: 6 Per Day: 8

    Basic Attacks:
    Blast +3 vs. AC, 1d10+3, R:10
    Longsword +2 vs. AC, 1d8-1

    Improved Initiative,

    Passive Insight: 15
    Passive Perception: 10
    Arcana 8
    Endurance 7
    Insight 5
    Intimidate 8
    Thievery 7

    Race and Class Features:
    Low-light Vision
    Eladrin Education
    Eladrin Weapon Proficiency
    Eladrin Will
    Fey Origin
    Fey Step
    Eldritch Blast
    Star Pact/Fate of the Void
    Prime Shot
    Shadow Walk
    Warlock's Curse

    Eldritch Blast (At Will)
    Dire Radiance (At Will)
    - +2 vs. Fort, 1d6+2 (radiant) (+1d6+2 if the target moves closer to you)
    Dreadfull Word (Encounter)
    - +3 vs. Will, 2d8+3 (psychic) & -4 to Will until the end of your next turn.
    Dread Star (Daily)
    - +3 vs. Will, 3d6+3 (radiant) & immobilized until the end of your next turn.
    - Miss, -2 To Will (Save ends)

    Equipment: Leather Armor (25), Longsword (15), Adventurer's Kit (15), 45gp.

    Dog Moon

    Human Cleric
    str 14
    dex 8
    con 11
    int 10
    wis 18
    cha 15

    HP: 23
    Init +3
    Speed: 5

    Healing Surges: 7

    Base Class Race Ability Armor Misc Total
    AC 10 0 0 0 6 16
    Fort 10 0 1 2 0 13
    Ref 10 0 1 0 0 11
    Will 10 2 1 4 0 17

    Skills: Prof Ability Total
    Diplomacy 5 2 7
    History 5 0 5
    Insight 5 4 9
    Religion 5 0 5

    Languages: Common, Dwarf

    Class Features: Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune, Channel Divinity: Turn Undead, Healing Word

    1st Level At Will: Lance of Faith, Righteous Brand, Sacred Flame

    1st Level Encounter: Divine Glow

    1st Level Daily: Beacon of Hope

    Feats: Improved Init, Weapon Proficiency [Throwing Hammer]

    Throwing Hammer: +4 1d6+2 5/10

    Chainmail [40gp]
    Throwing Hammer [w/ holy symbol] x2 [10gp]
    50gp spending money

    *Map originally by Lord Tirian, with few modifications by me.
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