(IR) What would your PC do, if he or she received the Sending of the Wanderer?

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    The Drow outraged by the slaughter of drow on Toril and even the images of surface elves (who we still think are superior to humans and all other races except us!) being slaughtered and turned into lovers for pathetic slave humanoids, immediately move through our underground tunnels to beneath this technomancy (if we have explosives we place them in key points below the ground and retreat) if not we launch an all out invasion under cover of night, slaying all those we can get our hands,spells and technology on and making off with every scrap of technology and research we can .
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    Ok given the above information I send messengers to Iuz, offering an alliance in the face of this threat to the power of both of us.

    And will send infiltrators into the Yeomonry, Geoff, Keoland and Ulek I wish to find out how they view this. I will make covert overtures ( offering some aid aid,magic and what we have learnt of technology from our research (just offering that which will not give them an advantage over us if it comes to that) to those who dislike what seems to be coming.

    Next I wish to attempt to contact some of the Demon Lords of the abyss, I want to know their feelings on this (and also to extract some of the Knowledge they have no doubt gathered on technology) and if they would add to my fight against it.

    Any one who appears to be a threat entering drow-controlled area's of the Underdark (what is it called on Oerth?) shall be captured if possible and interrogated (magically and physically) if they have hostile intentions they will be destroyed if not they will be imprisoned in Dimensional locked cells.

    Messengers will be sent to the Mindflayers,Duergar,Derro etc with offers of alliance to quell this first threat to our unseen power in many generations.

    Also we will now begin an attempt to collect all items of technology we can from anywhere they can be found within our reach and step up the resources dedicated to the study of these devices.

    Also we will seek out any renegade surface elves who have knowledge of what is happening above ground and offer them simple technology in exchange for serving as covert spies.

    We will also begin construction on these tunnels.
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    Given the closed nature of their minds even if they approach in peace they must consent to being taken under armed guard, the power to close their minds without devices of mindsheilding (I'm assuming) intrigues me enough that they will be treated well (luxurious room, etc and (more importantly in all likelihood) the execution of any drow who tries to poison/assinate these people ) and be granted an audience with Kalanyr they will be stripped of all arms before this meeting and will stand in an anti-magic field during this time (if psionics are not transparent with magic it will also be an anti-psionic field). The rooms though luxurious will be well guarded of course as well as warded against transportational magics.
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    I will have to wait till I speak with my allies before I post a response. (Also, I need to thoroughly read the Wanderer's message.)

    Are we officially starting now? We need more people. I realize that you are having internet service problems, but there are major factions unclaimed. For the present, the factions I represent are trying to determine the veracity of this message. However, we have seen false identities used before -- if this message is not from the Wanderer. Iuz was able to convice nations that he was Vatun. I will try to find the truth of what is going on in the Lortmils. It is possible that this message is accurate and sent by a well meaning person. It is also possible that someone is trying to manipulate everyone into war. It would not be the first or the last time. I also need to discuss something VERY IMPORTANT with my allies.

    (Edena, I will be in touch. I will be logging off soon. Sometime tomorrow I will e-mail several of the participants and you.)

    The members of the Grand Alliance urge that the truth of these matters be determined. (More elegant language stating my concerns.) We should be wary of any hasty action, until the truth of this message and its messenger is determined. For now, the Grand Alliance counsels that all who have heard this message be wary. For good or ill, change may be upon us. Let us first assess the situation at hand.

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    I am logging off shortly. (Failed my Will Save, must sleep.)

    I believe the name of the leader of the UC of Toril was something like Lydia Gomez. I think the name had a Spanish feel to it. I do remember Alan Payne was her predecessor, who became central to the Church of Mercy of Toril.

    Talk to you soon.

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    Of course I am being covert, who ever hear of overt infiltrators ?

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    OOC-Hmm I think I liked the 100 strength better as it is now we'd need virtually every Greyhawkian in alliance to stop even what little force they can already bring.

    Ah well.
    IC- I am now sending out covert messengers to every known power or nation of oerth who wouldn't kill them on sight seeking alliances against the horror these outsiders would bring.
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    This is very bad news indeed.

    The drow will now commence bargaining with the demons for aid and constructiong portals (which of course cast a form of geas on demons who pass through it preventing them from harming or interfering with the drow and our plans for as long as they remain on Oerth) from the Abyss for those who agree .

    (I'm hoping the demons and their rulers don't think much of the peaceful world order of Toril)

    Question- For the purposes of interference do either of the following count as gods- Abyssal Princes & the other Demon Dieties of the Drow

    If not perhaps we could interest one of them in a chance to steal Vecna's power since I doubt any of them feel like sinking to mere demigodhood or worse.

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    Serves Me Right...

    Next time, I'll read these threads in order.

    Edena, I may reconsider as I do have an old cleric from my AD&D1e days that I've not converted to 3e yet. Now I have to, as he won't take that sending well at all. I'll get back to you.
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    Kalanyr wondering if the presence of the mighty Vecna will have any effect on the magic of greyhawk orders immediate divination and research, perhaps the presence of the godlike lich has brought something useful to us.
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