D&D Icons: Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack
ISBN 978-0-7869-4350-0
Price $49.99

So letís see, the Gargantuan Line started off with the hideous Black Dragon that runs at $29.99.

In the same line, we then had the impressive Blue Dragon at $39.99.

Now weíre up to the White Dragon, and yup, another $10 increase as this one is at $49.99.

Now for that price, you get packaging that requires you to sacrifice your first born to the dark lords in order to remove it from the various secure ties that bind figure to box including several on the base itself. No one is going to steal this sucker from the store unless they run off with the whole box.

Sure, some time has gone by but more importantly, this one has two additional, non-random figures. One of them is Drizzt and the other is Wulfgar. The Drizzt is in a half turn with his two scimitars about to strike and his cape fluttering in the wind. Itís a nicely sculpted figure and has an above average D&D miniature paint job. The Wulfgar on the other hand suffers from too much white, which is a pain to paint in the first place, and looks too static. While his blond hair has movement to it, the rest of the figure feels very flat. The red end of his hammer doesnít do him any justice either.

The White Dragon is the second best in the line. To me, it goes Blue, White, Black, Red. The White has a ton of detail and while itís not in the greatest pose, it certainly beast the snot out of the standing upright Black Dragon. The wings are a nice touch being almost like an ice material. The sculpting on the head takes into account small horns as well as the fin. The eyes are even dotted. The yellowed teeth and born horns are warm while the body is grey or blue cool with heavy white over laying it.

If thereís a problem with the figure, itís that itís far too large for its own base. Even given itís odd pose, itís well off its base. The wings eclipse the base, the tail is off the base, the front half of the monster, upper arms, and face, are well off the base. WoTC wouldíve been better off making the creature on that fits on its own base using their own sizing.

Thatís minor nit pick though as the figure is a nice addition to those who have the others or were waiting for the White, the one probably used most often due to its lower CR based on age.
The map lair is also a nice touch, giving the product utility outside of its figures. One side if the dragonís lair and the other the village of Evermelt.

For those who play the miniature game, it comes with cards, but to be honest, when it comes to the D&D stats on the cards, I can never make heads or tails of Ďem so they go in a shelf for future reference if I ever play the miniature game itself.