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    Thanks a lot Annalist! I think I've got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hella_Tellah View Post
    I want to start each of your characters off separately and roleplay the first meeting, so I think we should start in PMs.
    Guess we can let each other take a peek, right?

    PM #1 (Hella_Tellah)
    The Andover-Harvard Theological Library is small by Boston standards, although easily the rival of most American college libraries. Its stacks bear the weighty silence of oak bookshelves and think, padded carpets, while the lobbies and atriums uplift the spirit with the glowing expansiveness of white marble lit by skylight.

    Mitchell Ward stands between two tightly-spaced bookcases in an under-used section of the library, one dedicated to the writings of Catholic heretics working at the edges of hermetic mysticism. Engrossed in searching for a book he cannot find, he looks up to see a smirking man in his mid-twenties standing five feet away, at the end of the row. Mitchell recognizes him: the spiked hair, pierced eyebrow and air of smugness all belong to Arathnos, the Consilium herald. A prickling sensation in the back of Mitchell's mind warns him that a supernatural force is present.

    "Hello, 'Gabriel'. May I have a word?"
    PM #2 (Annalist)
    This was unexpected.

    Mitchell wearily rubbed at his eyes knowing how haggard he must probably look to the Consilium Herald. His confrontation last night with Lin hadn't exactly done wonders for his sleep schedule. And she was still pretty pissed, so he had promised to take her out to Haru later today for sushi, in order to start making amends. And he had even made reservations.

    But with a sinking feeling, Mitchell turned to regard the other mage figuring that his plans would likely have to be canceled if this was an official visit. And it probably was. The guy had called him by his Shadow Name. Stifling a yawn, he forced a fake smile onto his face and replied, "Sure, Arathnos. What can I do for you?"

    Inwardly, he gritted his teeth as he thought, This better be good.
    PM #3 (Hella_Tellah)
    "You've been studying under Melchior for a little more than a year now," Arathnos began. "You know what that means: the grace period is up."

    Among the few policies instated by the Noose-led Consilium, the grace period was the most controversial--and the least contested. Newly Awakened mages were afforded a year to find their way, during which time the Consilium addressed only the most serious infractions against the Supernal Law. It was further understood that attempts at courting new Awakened into political alliances would not be tolerated. As Melchior explained it to you, the policy was so effective at reducing inter-Cabal conflict that even the Seers adhered to it, at least outside Harvard.

    "The Nemean wants to meet with you and a few other mages who have just finished their first year. He would like to invite you to dinner at Cormant House Thursday evening, at eight o'clock. We'll be serving veal."

    It didn't sound like an invitation.

    Quote Originally Posted by OOC
    Cormant House is the seat of the Consilium in Boston. You've probably been there once or twice with Melchior.
    PM #4 (Annalist)
    Mitchell listened impassively as Arathnos informed him that his grace period was up, which meant that his apprenticeship under Melchior was coming to an end. A surge of mixed emotions welled up inside of the young Obrimos, instantly purging the tiredness from his system as the jarring news slowly sunk in. He first felt a touch of fear and sadness at the thought of losing his mentor's constant guidance and protection, but was also struck by a twinge of excitement at the prospect of having a measure of independence. The moment was poignantly bittersweet.

    With a firm nod of his head, Mitchell acknowledged the Herald's relayed message. "Thursday evening at eight. I'll be there," he promised. One didn't turn down a dinner invitation from The Nemean lightly. The most prudent course would simply be to accept and show up, and that was what he planned to do. It wasn't like he had much choice in the matter anyway.

    But on the bright side, at least his plans with Lin tonight wouldn't have to be canceled after all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magic_gathering2001 View Post
    Thanks a lot Annalist!
    No problem. Go forth and send many PMs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annalist View Post
    Guess we can let each other take a peek, right?
    Of course! I'll probably compile them all into the beginning of the group thread once we get there--assuming I can figure out how to see my sent items.

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    What other RPGs do you guys like to play and/or run? (Just curious.)

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    Largely CRPGs and online discussions of RPG books I have picked up.

    As to the systems I like... DnD 3.5 (not too keen on 4.0 as of yet), nMage, nWerewolf, and Shadowrun.

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    We usually play 2nd AD&D, 3.5 D&D, rifts, or some made up homebrew.

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    I'm a big fan of White Wolf's stuff, particularly Mage: The Awakening and Vampire: The Requiem. And I recently ordered Hunter: The Vigil. But my dream game would be an officially converted Demon: The Fallen to nWoD Storytelling rules. For PbP, I'd love to get a chance to play in a high Blood Potency Vampire game or a high Gnosis Mage game at least once. Imagine getting to be the deposed Prince or Hierarch that's forced to fight for survival and then has to attempt to reconsolidate his/her power base. That'd be so much fun.

    Other RPGs that I like: Artesia: Adventures in the Known World, Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, and Unhallowed Metropolis.

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    Yeah, I really like the world of darkness stuff as well, although I'm not really big on exalted or their other stuff. Unfortunately, I don't really get much chance to play it in real life, so this will actually be my first game.

    When you say high blood potency/high gnosis, you mean from the beginning right? That does sound like a lot of fun. If you ever find a game, let me know.

    That being said, I would probably like the opposite, where the game starts off as mortals who eventually grow into supernatural creatures, quite a bit better. I always liked the horror aspect of these, and being mortal would only make it better.

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    Games I love:
    *Spirit of the Century
    I once loved D&D 3.5, and could again, but it would have to be a combat-lite roleplay-heavy game.

    Right now, in real life games, I'm running a game of steampunk monster hunters in Victorian London, and playing in a D&D 4th Edition game. I was hoping the DM for the 4e game would run Call of Cthulhu this year, but since he runs all of his games with a very narrativist bent, the 4e game isn't all that hack-and-slashy. I probably wouldn't have joined the game if anyone else were running it, but this is the guy who GM'd a 2-year Nobilis game I was in, so I felt I could trust him not to bore me. I just vastly prefer a game of cooperative storytelling to a game of problem-solving and tactics.

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