[Mage: the Awakening] Legacy of the Stone Assembly - Page 13
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    No need to go in any kind of order in this section, I just want people to introduce themselves and get used to interacting with one another. Terse or verbose, your call.

    Anyone want to guess what the Nemean wants with you all? What do you think of the Nemean and Arathnos so far?
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    I think The Nemean wants to sacrifice us all to some dark, unnameable god. But, that's just me. However, I do like how you've portrayed him as a seemingly down-to-earth aging biker dude. As far as Arathnos, he looks pretty shady to me. Just keep him away from Linda and Maggie. Lol.

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    I'm not sure what the Nemean wants, although it seems like it might be leading up to us forming a cabal together for safety, or to make his job easier somehow.

    As for what I think of them, given Arathnos' apparent temprament, I'd say the Nemean is putting on airs for us, new mages. Even if he's not, and especially if he is, then I definitely don't want to meet him when he's angry.

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    LOL, thanks! Even The Nemean did some talking for me.

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    A point on recovering Willpower: if you feel your actions in a scene warrant regaining Willpower for acting out either your virtue or vice, say so. It's a lot easier for me that way, rather than having to look over everyone's sheet each time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hella_Tellah
    Gabriel: 4 dice, 0 successes
    Lol, how appropriate. Practically mirrors how the IC banter is actually going. Just one question though, no one was entranced by Gabriel's Striking Looks? *shows off some leg*

    Wow, tough crowd.

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    I think Prometheus gets four dice (2 attribute, 1 socialize, 1 first impressions)

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic_gathering2001 View Post
    I think Prometheus gets four dice (2 attribute, 1 socialize, 1 first impressions)
    Right you are! Corrected. Unfortunately, that extra die rolled a 5

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    aw... oh well, at least it wasn't a live or die role (i hope).

    So, Joseph wouldn't know anything about spirits, so its not like he can ask the important questions. Speaking of which, does anyone have spirit 2 or 3? That would make everything much easier. Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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