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    [Mage: the Awakening] Legacy of the Stone Assembly

    Legacy of the Stone Assembly

    A Mage: The Awakening Chronicle

    For three hundred years, Boston's Stone Assembly kept order among the mages of New England. By the end of World War I, the mighty fathers of the Stone Assembly began falling, one by one. In 1917, Tobias Dalton, a master of Mind and Prime as well as a temperance sympathizer, was found overdosed on laudanum in a gutter in Back Bay. William Wolfe, the Consilium’s Sentinel and foremost member of the Adamantine Arrow, was arrested for “crimes against nature” and found dead inexplicably in his jail cell. Theodore Newbury was run over by a runaway automobile. By 1923, the last bastions of the Stone Assembly’s control over Boston had disappeared, as had most of its members. More fled than were actually killed, but that mattered little. Their power was broken, as was the Consilium.

    Eighty-five years have passed, and new leadership has come to Boston. Now that your training in the mystic arts is complete, your teachers have introduced you into the dangerous world of Consilium politics. You and your cabal of fresh-faced willworkers are free to use the arcane powers you've accrued as you see fit, but be forewarned: now that you are out from under their protective wing, your teachers can no longer guarantee your safety, nor can they offer you immunity from the consequences of your actions.

    The Pitch
    Legacy of the Stone Assembly is a play-by-post Mage: The Awakening game set in Boston, Massachussets, in the present day. I am looking for four to six players with interesting characters, strong writing skills, and time enough to post at least once per day. I'll be including pictures in my posts of NPCs and locations, and will occasionally link to sound samples or music, so players with a dial-up connection may need a bit of patience.

    In this chronicle, players are not restricted in their choices of ruling and inferior Arcana, and need not choose a Path (unless, of course, you want to). In lieue of choosing your arcana based on path, choose any two ruling arcana and one inferior arcanum, and gain 1 dot in your choice of Resolve or Composure. If you want to use a legacy, you need to have at least one ruling arcanum from the legacy’s parent path.
    When formatting a post, please type all out-of-character information or questions in quotes, like so:
    Quote Originally Posted by OOC
    Casting Mental Wall (p.211) on the trucker with the fu manchu moustache. Roll: Gnosis+Mind (4 dice)
    That, by the by, is how I'd like spellcasting to look, too. Describe the act of casting in-character, say what you're doing mechanically out-of-character, and I'll roll the dice and describe the effect. If you're using Creative Thaumaturgy, give a good description of what you're trying to do, noting which practice you think it falls into and how many dots in the related arcana it should require. For other rolls, use the format "Attribute + Skill (X dice)."

    Falling Behind in Posts

    If you won't be able to post for a couple of days, please let us know in this thread. I won't fault you for a planned hiatus. If we don't see any posts for three days, and you haven't given any warning, I'll have the character act in a way that I think is appropriate to what I know about the character until you return. Characters whose players have been gone for more than a week are likely to ride off into the sunset.

    Joining the Game

    If you're interested in joining the game, just say so in this thread. Once you've got an idea for a character, PM me the build (standard, beginning mage), a one-sentence summary of your character concept and a short bit of writing. The writing can be backstory, a short vignette that tells me something about the character, a link to a cool bit of writing you've done, or the like. Preference will be given for:

    1. Quality of writing.
    2. Character concept.
    3. Group cohesion and composure.
    4. Bonus points if you have a portrait of your character to post when s/he talks.

    Thanks for your interest!
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