AD&D 1st Edition 1E fillable character sheets?

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    1E fillable character sheets?

    Has anybody found/created fillable character sheets for 1E? I've found plenty of plain files but I'm hoping to find something fillable (pdf preferred).


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    I don't think I have ever come across one myself and I have been looking hard. I tried RPG Sheets but their site has been plagued by download issues for nearly a month. You could try Red Blade but I don't think they have a fillable sheet, just a character generator. Here's the link.
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    You can find one here. However it is a spreadsheet and I think it only works in Open Office.

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    There used to be some very good ones on Knights & Knaves but I can't seem to find them; I'll ask the admins....

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    I found a pretty great "goldenrod" sheet from Madirishman that I'll use for gaming.

    I like using fillable sheets to tinker with character concepts on my computer. I might give that spreadsheet a shot but it looks pretty over the top for my needs. Thanks for the suggestions.

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