If there is one word fantasy gamers hold sacred it would be treasure. One of the most common ways to describe D&D is killing things and taking their stuff. That stuff is obviously treasure and there is never enough of it. And there never seems to be enough of it printed up in books. There just seems to be treasure every where in d20 books and Hoards is a book all about treasure.

Hoards is a PDF put out through Dark Quest Games. It is actually done through Inkwell Press but they went under and it is good to see all the people that contributed to this still get to see it published. The PDF is book marked but the book marks should have been for each item and not just each section. It would really have made this a much easier PDF to be used at the gaming table from a lap top. The lay out and art of this black and white book is pretty good.

Hoards presents plenty of new treasures. It introduces some new coins one can find like the Copper Ingot and the Wolf’s Piece. The book attempts to make some of the coins more valuable with where they are and give them some meaning. There are a few new types of gems and art pieces as well in the book to really help round out the different types of mundane treasures a group of players can locate. . There are other mundane items in here like a pouch of dye or blown glass flower. These are well described and have nice charts for randomly finding them.

The book is mostly magical items though. It starts with some specific armor and shields and weapons. These are well done and there is quite a bit of creativity to them. I prefer these type of items that do not feel generic. I really like the Heavenly Ring. It is a very well defined magical ring that only works for Lawful Good characters. It gives them a nice AC bonus but more importantly some good spell like abilities. It also can have a caster cast a few more low level spells in a given day. There are some items that combine abilities but might also cause some people problems remembering when they happen. For instance the Cloak of Chameleons only functions when the wearer wishes it. It can give a hide bonuses and a miss chance but the miss chance only applies to attackers that are not close to the wearer.

Hoards offers a nice variety of new and interesting magical and mundane items. The PDF is a great way to get magical items as one rarely needs to use the whole book at once. It will be really nice to print out just what one needs and not worry about the other items. The sample hoards they present will really make a DM’s life easier and will save quite a bit of time in rolling and rerolling on multiple different tables.