So.. I DM'ed alot of 2E back in high school, got distracted in college, picked up 3E right after, played a couple games, but got distracted again, and recently picked up 4E, thinking "Man, it would be great to start playing again." While reading through my new 4E books, I decided I needed a few house rules. Fortunately, I remembered that an old friend had given me a 1E DMG (I lost all my old 2E books somehow). I grabbed that to look something up and realized I actually had the 1E PH and 1E MM as well. Plus, I had a Holmes Basic Set and some original 1E adventures as well - In Search of the Unknown (B1), Against the Giants (G1-3), D1-3 (Descent, Kuo-Toa and Vault of Drow), Tomb of Horrors (S1) and Village of Hommlet (T1). All of this material had been given to me (and forgotten) over the years. Apparently I am easily distracted and have a really bad memory - great traits for a DM, eh? Who wants to join my campaign? Haha.

Anyway, after discovering this material and reading through it, I felt as if under an enchantment, heh. The 1E rules set seemed to accomplish everything I was trying to house rule with 4E - I decided that maybe it would be fun to leverage any vestiges of 2E knowledge I had by starting up a 1E campaign and running through the best of the old modules.

Finally, my question - what modules should I run through? I can buy Keep on the Borderlands and do that one first. That seems without question based on what I read on these boards. After that, I'm not quite sure. I have the G series, D series and the others, but I'd love to hear any opinions as to what might be the best sequence of modules if I wanted to move a party from level one to level eighteen (or whatever).

1. Keep on the Borderlands
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?