In the world of super heroes there are always plenty of bad guys just waiting in line to take of the world. They always have these overly complicated and impossible sounding schemes that always seem to work out for them at least until the heroes arrive. Some try to do something nasty to the whole world while others are local problems at first that have the potential to spread across national borders. This PDFs showcases five such schemes into small adventures for the player heroes to hopefully foil.

Evil Genius is by Lame Mage Production and written by Ben Robiins. The PDF is very nicely book marked and is just thirty five pages long. As it does have five adventures in it I was really expecting it to be longer. The layout leaves a little too much white space and is pretty basic. The art work is color and done in a mostly super heroes style.

There will be some spoilers on these five adventures so please do not read onward if it is possible you might be a player in one of these.

The first adventure is High Noon and has nothing to do with a western. It involves a recently dead super villain and a revenge scheme on the world that takes place after he dies. A villain is presented for the PCs but it would be very easy to have another villain in his place. The villain they use is linked to other Lame Mage products so that continuity might be of interest to people who have used Dr. Null in the past. The adventure revolves around a basic idea of rockets exploding in space and releases fine crystals that at noon focus the suns rays into a huge laser that scorches part of the Earth. The adventure has the PCs being near the first impact site and then slowly investigating with national authorities and trying to figure out what is going on. Eventually they will have to stop the submarine that launches more missiles creating more particle clouds and also find a way to stop the clouds themselves.

The second adventure is more about a scientist who’s experiments get out of his own control. In the Cornfields some DNA altered plants mix with some new experimental fertilizer and wouldn’t you know it it makes plats into these huge animated pissed off plant creatures. I do like how the plant creatures advance towards the sun as best they can so they travel east in the morning, stay mostly put in the noon hour and then head west as the sun descends and sets. This one starts out more localized but can spread quickly as things get out of hand.

The Brain Taker and Lady Luck are two adventures that are similar. In one the villain is stealing intelligence and the other the villain is taking people’s luck. I felt these are the weakest of the adventures. There are some creative ideas in the set up but in the end it just did not work for me.

The last one is Ice Age where good old Dr Null is moving the Earth away from the sun making it really really cold. This is another global disaster so everyone will be involved. I like the option of having countries go to war over how to stop the villain.

Each adventure has a few scenes and some obvious plot points that the PCs should discover so they can solve the mystery and stop the world from being doomed. These work best I think in a game where the PCs are going to be the main heroes and not in a place were Superman flies along and can easily save the day.