Props are always a fun part of the game though it can be tough to find a prop that can be used in most games at any time. That is were money comes in. It does not matter what the characters are up they always seem to have money or to be going after more of it. This PDF set is all about the money though it is of a fantasy type. The coins are perfect for a medieval or fantasy setting. a Clever DM though can easily have it as ancient bullion for a modern or even future setting.

Coins of the Realms is a PDF collection by World Works Games. I call it a collection since it consists of four separate PDFs. The file size of the zip file is under twelve megs so this is one of their smaller ones. The PDFs are done in full color and since these are designed to be printed out and assembled there are no book marks that one needs. The art on these is well done.

There are five files in the zip file. The first one is a simple read me doc file and that suggests looking at their web site that has all sorts of great advice and tutorials for putting their products together. I am not an art and crafts person so I find myself reading and watching their short videos to get some sort of clue as to what I should be doing. For some reason though mine never turn out quite as nice as theirs do.

There are four PDF files in there as well. The first one is instructions for putting this set together. They have pictures and really walk one through it quite well. This is one of the more simple sets of theirs I have tackled. One will want to print the other three sheets out on some nice cardboard paper so it has some heft and will survive the riggers of being an RPG prop. One can of course print out as many sheets of coins to put together so the players can have a small or large mound of coins for them.

The coins are not all the same to help represent different coins from different countries. The first is the Floral a turquoise color coin that has eight pieces to it. The full coin does not come apart and the PDF has half coins and one eight coins to represent that pieces of it. Next is the Sunflower which is exactly like the floral but yellow. Then there are four coins of different colors shaped like axe heads. I do like that none of these are really round like modern coins so they seem more impressive.

The next PDF is of more commonly known coins. It has pence and shillings of different denominations. It has talons and half talons which are shaped like rounded triangles. It has crowns and half crowns which are gold coins. And then the very impressive Sovereigns and half sovereigns that are basically gold bricks. Each coin is stamped on it to prevent forgery but that of course will not stop people. The PDF also has forgers of all the coins on it and that I find very very cool.

The last of the PDFs has a couple small treasure chests with locks and even an optional false bottom. While they are the hardest of the set to put together they really were not all that bad.

Coins of the Realms is a nice set for a DM with a little extra time on his hand and the ability to print things with ease. They make for a good prop at the gaming table but I can see them enhancing a pirate costume on Halloween as well.