The police force is a well known aspect of the modern age. They are rarely though written up for people to play them in an RPG. That is what Blue Chrome does. It does give it a futuristic twist placing the setting in a fictional city that is about five years ahead of us or what I like to call “Fighting Crime in a near Future Time.” My apologies go to the cartoon that is borrowed from.

Blue Chrome is a PDF by Infernal Machines. The book is written by Craig Schaeffer. The book is fifty one pages long and nicely book marked. It has no art in it and the lay out is also basic and has some white space issues. There is a map of the city with the different districts but it is only useful in showing how the districts fit together. They have titles and sections of the book in blue which fits the color scheme of the police they are writing about but it does not look that good on the screen.

The book starts off with an introduction to the city. It is set a little in our future in the fictional Royce City. The city description is rather basic and does a nice job of quickly setting the tone for and action based cop RPG campaign. A more vibrant description of the city would be useful and allow for it to be used in a wider range of campaigns but it does serve the purpose what it was written for here.

The book is about being police officers and the next chapter gives one a basic run down on being a cop. The writer does a nice job of showing the differences between a police campaign and a D&D campaign though it would have been nice to see comparisons and the way things work different from other campaigns as well. The section also does a nice job of understanding what a policeman does and how sometimes that will not work for the RPG campaign. They have some good and sensible advice on how to make it all work and to have fun.

The game builds off of the d20 Modern rule set and presents some new options for police characters. There are three new base classes the beat cop, the crime scene investigator, undercover operative and the detective. I think with the basic d20 modern classes it would have been better to show how those classes with a few new talent trees could be used to represent these types of character, In general I feel more should be done to work with what is already written then coming up with new classes all the time. The advanced classes too probably could have been ways to modify existing classes instead of needing to be their own class. They have the Bomb Squad Technician and the K-9 Handler as advanced classes in the book. The book also has new feats and new weapons and equipment that reflect the near future setting the book presents.

Blue Chrome presents the police force and does it in a way that can easily support a campaign. It is a different style campaign as the players have specific rules and regulations they have to follow or they will find themselves on the wrong side of the law. The book does a good job of presenting that and pointing out what to focus the game on.