In the modern world the huge ships of the many nations’ navies rule the seas and oceans. These mammoth vessels are the pinnacle of today’s technology with great offensive and defensive abilities. Expressing these in game terms can be tricky and challenging. This book takes some of the vehicles and presents them for the D20 Modern game.

Blood And Guts Modern Miliatry: Deep Blue Sea is a PDF written by Charles Rice and produced by RPGObjects. RPGObjects has a line of quality books for D20 Modern in their Blood and Guts line. This PDF is nineteen pages long and well laid out. It does use full color pictures of the actual vehicles that are defined in the book. The PDF is well book marked, organized, and simple to use.

This is one of those PDFs that I am not sure a lot of people are going to find a need for. But if one does find they do need stats for a Seawolf Class Submarine or a Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser then this book will become very important.

The books starts with a brief history of navel battles and the use of ships in the military. It is not in in-depth section but it can serve as some good information to send on to the library or on line to research. However, the book only defines a few of the modern vehicles so reading about the Vandals attacking the city of Carthage there are no stats or anything about it. It just serves as a history and not as something to use in a game.

The stats on these ships actually seem a little less then what they should be. Some of the smaller boats have the same hit points as a mid level character. I can see how it all comes together and it makes me think that the failure lies more with d20 wanting to treat vehicles and people almost the same with hit points and defensive values. It just looks like some of the vehicles are a bit easier to destroy then I think they should be. The stats though are consistent with each other and other vehicles I have seen stated up.

Blood and Guts Modern Military Deep Blue Sea is a book that does cover vehicles I have not seen covered in a d20 book. The book gives one a good if brief history on naval warfare and that can be useful for someone that is not familiar with that part of history. The book does a nice job of explaining the history and the means of many of the naval vessels. I like the pictures of the ships and it really helps one understand exactly what they are looking at and trying to understand. I know not a lot of people will find a use for some of these type of vehicles and it being a smaller size PDF helps support that. It does a fine job of presenting pretty much what I expected in the PDF given its description.