Garmin navigator TV commercial
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    Garmin navigator TV commercial

    So you may or may not have seen the new Garmin GPS system commercial on television.

    There's nun running, a girl on a scooter and a viking with a torch trudging through a forest/wilderness.

    Can you find out the song lyrics for that part? I could have sworm I heard the word lich.

    Something like:

    One for a viking
    Out for some hiking
    something something lich?

    Can anyone dispel this from my imagination or confirm what I think I heard?

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    The video is here if anyone wants to watch it:

    [ame=]YouTube - Garmin 2008 Christmas TV ad - One For All[/ame]

    I think it says "find the village he will pillage"


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    Watching and listening to it again on television I could swear they say lich, or perhaps witch, but my computer speakers agree with "looking for a village to pillage". Probably my ears put too much emphasis on the singers different emphasis.

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