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Thread: layoffs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WotC_Dave View Post
    Thanks for the kind words, folks. They mean a great deal. And my wife was reading over my shoulder, and they cheered her up _immensely_.

    I can confirm the essential truth of what's been reported, and I am indeed one of the ones let go today. When you're in the midst of the process, you don't really get a sense of what's going on elsewhere in the building. Thus I didn't know some of the names until I read them here. They're quality people. In a weird way, I'm proud to be among them. (I'd rather be employed, sure, but you take the solace you can at a moment like this.)

    I'll leave the prognosticating and "...but what does this MEAN?!?" stuff to others. I think the game is in good shape--and I think it's in good hands. In my 10 years at Wizards, I survived a lot of these layoffs--including cuts deeper than this. More to the point for you guys, the _game_ survived deeper cuts than this.

    Maybe I didn't say this enough when I was part of "the Man," but the ENWorld community is absolutely terrific. The level of discourse here continues to be top-notch, and there's always an interesting thread sitting right there, begging to be read. But if you're already a regular here, you've already figured that out, huh?

    --David Noonan, who should probably get a new user name.

    I tried to send you a PM on the Wizards boards this evening, but it told me your mailbox was full. Anyway, what I wanted to say was this:

    Good luck in the future, Dave. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. May you have a Merry Christmas!

    But more than anything else, I want to say that while you may thank us for the condolences, we thank you even more for all of the amazing work you've done, and for the fantastic products you've been involved with! You still have a lot of fans, Dave!

    - Kyle (aka doctorhook)

    PS: May we hope that this means we'll see you here at ENWorld more often now?


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    Jinnetics is right; just remember, two dots always lie on a straight line, even if there is no relationship between the points
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    Wow, thanks to Lisa for being johnny on the spot with that list, and super sorry to everyone on it - especially in this season. I'll not get too up in arms here even though there's some great friends and writers on there, but if we here on Pathfinder can help in any way just give us a yell.
    F. Wesley Schneider, Editor-in-Chief Paizo Publishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by WotC_Dave View Post
    David Noonan, who should probably get a new user name.
    I suggest "Noonan The Barbarian."

    WotC's RPG side is quite a bit less skilled today than it was yesterday, since it no longer has your talents. Having left WotC voluntarily, I don't know quite what you're going through, Dave. But even if I can't empathize completely, I still have a full liquor cabinet in the basement, which you are more than welcome to help me deplete.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaukrie View Post
    I'm shocked not to see any names in the DDM line (though that my be down to one person).
    Last I recall, that's where Tweet was.

    For those of us who know the M:tG side of things, the biggest surprise is actually Randy, though I'd been feeling for a while that he'd been promoted to his level of incompetence and should have stayed in, or gone back to, M:tG development, where he was just excellent.
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    All the best, Mr. Noonan.

    Jonathan Tweet did a great job on Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition. He has also worked on Ars Magica, and other older roleplaying games (Everway?).

    Randy was the man in charge of Gleemax, &c. He tried to fix things up but I suspect that the huge failures in digital initiatives outside of DDI tripped him up and led to his departure.

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    Really sorry to hear the news, which particularly sucks at this time of year. I hope all you guys are able to find good new employment quickly.

    Quote Originally Posted by WotC_Dave View Post
    --David Noonan, who should probably get a new user name.
    Dave - drop me an email or post in Meta and we can change your username to anything you like*. It's the least we can do

    *within reason

    Plane Sailing
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    Dave & the rest of the folks

    My heartfelt condolences for your situation, I know from a similar experience it is not a fun place to be in.

    May 2009 bring new, better, opportunities for all of you.

    David Muller

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    This is terrible news. My heart goes out to all of you - I recognise half the names on the list, and I'm sure the other half did great work in places I just never saw.
    Christopher Adams - Sydney, Australia

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    Allow me also to pass on my best wishes to all those names in the list.

    Dave, you were basically the face of 4E for me, and I really enjoyed your podcasts. You will be missed.
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