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    ooc: I'd like clarification on who is where, too, please. As for IC being down... well, it goes down sometimes, usually not for this long, though. You can either use another online die roller with the ability to verify results, such as - Gaming Tools, or just tell me your total bonus and trust me to roll a d20 when I get my hands on one, or just wait.
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    That was my first impulse as well just wanted to make sure as I have had some pbp dm's who prefer the opposite. Personally it would drive me insane.
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    The obvious group is Raiyek, Kilbeth, Larin, and now that we have a 2nd defender, Kruk.

    Kilbeth moves as quickly as quiet steps would allow him, through the streets. As he gets a better view of the area, he tries to spot out any groups of unpleasant orcs that are moving in tandem.
    Since invisible castle is down, I'll just post my bonuses here.
    +7 to Stealth (For stealthing behind meren)
    +9 to Perception (For the skill challenge: Kilbeth is trying to spot out any groups of orcs that look especially seedy, and that are moving together.)

    Stealth is void since Kilbeth is with the obvious group, and invisiblecastle is back up!
    1d20 9=15
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    Merenwen saw the main group enter the town, selecting the most shaded parts and buildings of the town she merged into the shadows, moving slowly to keep behind and to the side of the main group. As more fuss was made while they asked some of the locals about the location of the orc she studied any creatures on the edge of the group. Looking for any signs of the main group picking up a tail.


    Okay i'm behind and to the left hand side of the group, not close enough to listen but close enough to see any tailers they may pick up. About 12 squares from the group.

    Since invisible castle is still down my dice roll modifiers are
    +10 to stealth,
    +10 to perception

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    Quote Originally Posted by balth View Post
    Balth continues pacing his movement to keep ahead of the party as they move towards the settlement. With the amount of buildings and alleys, it's fairly easy to take up a new position unseen and then move on.

    He watches the Dwarf approach Raiyek, and draws his bow, but Raiyek seems to know the fellow. He seems to be filling him in on whatever their plan was. That's good, another for our ranks, it would appear. He lowered his bow, and watched the group of easily-noticed individuals walk up and boisterously start inquiring about Hoofchew.

    Ah, throw the bird to lure the wolf.

    Balth quickly started scanning the crowd, looking for those who would be paying a keen ear to the inquiries.
    Description and Rolls
    Balth is attempting to stay 10-12 squares ahead of the obvious group, to the northeast.

    +11 to Perception for the Skill Challenge
    +10 to Stealth for staying hidden

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Sessadore View Post
    "There you are, Kruk! I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. In any case, I'm glad you're here now. What we're planning to do is ..."

    Good to have you, Dimsdale! Now that we have Kruk, it might be a good idea to have Kilbeth join the archers in Stealth. That way they have some melee help if they need it, like we were planning before. I think Kruk should be in the obvious party - I doubt he could be any other way [/sblock]
    "At your service Raiyek and a hearty hello to all I haven't met here," Kruk says as he looks at the others, nodding his head to each. Kruk seems intent with sticking with the main group, surveying the crowd of buyers and sellers.

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    Sorry for the long delay. I typically check in the morning and in the night or sometimes just one of those times. looks like my absence caused me to be pushed into the not obvious group. I guess no one looked at my skill lists [-1 wisdom and only +1 cha]haha. Not sure how to contribute effectively to the skill challenge but I'll give it a go..

    Invisible castle is down: Streetwise Check: +1 ....*crosses fingers*

    Les stays ahead of the group, moving in and out of shops and among the crowd. She mingles with the children and lets a little girl play with her braids. She does her best to blend in easily. The streets remind her of the streets in the Nest and bring a sour smile to her gaunt face.

    While walking around, Les listens to rumors and eavesdrops on conversations. She makes a few inquiries and tries to steer conversations to sightings of orcs in the area or of any suspicious activity.

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    OOC: oops! Covaithe - sorry about the foreign post; I was showing Dimsdale invisiblecastle linking and inadvertantly posted under my account...

    ...the rolls below are Kruk's!

    OOC: invisiblecastle is functioning...

    OOC: Kruk makes a perception check to notice if other patrons are taking an interest in the proceedings or are staring a little too long at the inquiry.


    Perception -> 1d20+2 = 14
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    OCC This is true...sorry about the mix up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Sessadore View Post
    Just to be clear, what exactly are the groups we've split into? My understanding is:

    Obvious: Raiyek, Kruk, Vashik, Larinza (and possibly Kilbeth??)
    Not obvious, but not hidden: Les, Cross, ??
    Hiding: Balth, Meren (and possibly Kilbeth??)

    Does that sound about right? I'm not sure where Kilbeth decided to go.
    OOC answer
    Your breakdown sounds about right to me, I was planning to be in the not obvious group... but I'd figured that the non-obvious group would be in place first to be able to gauge people's reactions to the obvious group.

    Maybe our plan was just too fiendishly clever for our own good.

    As Les is moving through the crowd, seeking information about orc activity in the area, Cross is shadowing the gith...
    1d20+3=15 Roll Lookup

    ...listening to her interactions, and gauging peoples' reactions to her.
    1d20+8=22 Roll Lookup
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