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    "Anyone? I was under the notion that the Overgrowth was a place, at the edge of Daunton, like the priest said. 'Lawless alleys', he called them. As for a person named Overgrowth, I've got no memories of any of those." Kilbeth looks around him, anxious for the others to arrive.
    ~The malls are the soon to be ghost towns, well so long, farewell, goodbye...

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    Larinza's attention is drawn. "You say the town was razed, all burned down? These Slavers, I may need to know more about them."

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    "The town wasn't razed by the slavers. It was razed because of a battle against one of the packs of undead that roam the Valley. According to the description of the other children, the slavers were 'Little dog-lizards'. I can only think of kobolds when i hear that. I tracked them to the outskirts of Daunton. If they've hurt Kalrun..." The minotaur instinctively reaches for his swords, before putting his hands back down.
    ~The malls are the soon to be ghost towns, well so long, farewell, goodbye...

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    Balth looked up from his haunches to the others that arrived outside the tavern and were caught up in conversation. He winced slightly as Kilbeth recounted his tale.

    It would seem you and I share a similar character trait, my horned friend: I do not care for those who use position, power and force to prey on the weak.

    Balth stands from his squatting position, his cloak slimming around him as he rises.

    I am sorry to overhear of your plight, but know that should you need it, my bow is at your back. Perhaps Phoebus will smile upon us, and those which you seek will be on our path.

    At any rate, I hope that the remainder of the party arrives soon. I long to stretch my legs and bring this murderer to justice quickly. Tis not that I mind aiding the Gods with lesser tasks, but the sage struck me as... oily. I wish to be done with this errand and if Phoebus does not favor us by combining ours and Kilbeth's goals; I would rather move on to perhaps more noble ventures, even if there is less coin in it.

    Balth looks at Raiyek, who listens intently to every word that anyone says.

    I wonder if he trained as a scribe, to listen so hard to everything, he thinks to himself. He then slowly grins, Perhaps his shunning of our people's ways has made him slow, and he must concentrate so very hard to understand us. He seriously studied the polished warrior for a moment, his smile fading. Probably not, although 'tis an amusing thought.

    From Raiyek's controlled manner and careful handling of not just his manner of speech, but also of his posture and the care of his equipment, he could tell the fellow must have studied hard under a regiment somewhere.

    And what of you, Raiyek, have you been seperated from your garrison?


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    Quote Originally Posted by balth View Post
    And what of you, Raiyek, have you been seperated from your garrison?
    My my, sharp eyes indeed, and not so dull a mind either. Raiyek looks uncomfortable for a second before he responds. "Well ... I suppose you could say that. I have been attached to several legion garrisons over the years, and I was prevented from returning to Isolate Prime as I had planned by the troubles with the portal at the Substruct near Mykonos' Sanctuary, but I am currently not attached to a garrison..." the elf seems to trail off more than end his sentence. Thoughts collide in his head, the thoughts, It is technically true that I'm not attached to a garrison, and, Retaining some of those lessons on misdirection might have been a good idea, among them. Palladys grant me strength.

    Clearing his throat, the paladin draws his blade to inspect its well-honed edge. It shows a classic Imperium design - straight edged and plain, but effective - and is evidently well cared for, the same as his armor. Satisfied with his inspection, he sheathes the blade and decides upon a change of subject, posing his own question to Balth. "And what of you? It doesn't seem you were in the legions, though your accent marks you as a subject of the Imperium; when did you make your way to Daunton, and what was the occassion?"
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    "...Thanks, Balth. Oily indeed, but after all, he does keep the ledger. Those who count coins with such fervor are usually smarmy ones."

    Well ain't that something. I'll have to fix that, won't i.
    ~The malls are the soon to be ghost towns, well so long, farewell, goodbye...

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    While he's waiting in front of the tavern, with the rest of the party, Cross pulls a "fresh" cheroot from the pocket of his greatcoat. He procedes to shift his staff from his right to his left hand, then with a snap of his fingers, and a muttered "flicum bicus" a small flame springs to life on the tip of his thumb from which he lights his smoke (before offering the flame to Vashik). A perceptive individual may notice a tang of sulfur in the air...

    From his openess, it sounds as though the minotaur may be as easy a mark as that strange dwarf... I wonder what happened to him, anyway... the rest of the group seems fair enough, so I'm sure he'll be alright with us for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Sessadore View Post
    Once they arrive at the Hanged Man, Raiyek excuses himself for a moment and goes inside. "Excuse me, barkeep?" asks the elf, his voice as smooth as silk. "Would you happen to know how one would get to the Overgrowth? I thought perhaps that the master of an establishment with such varied patrons might know. If not, could you direct me to someone else who might?"
    The bartender chuckles. "No need to waste your flattery on me, friend," he says, though he is clearly pleased to be addressed with such politeness. "Overgrowth ain't hard to find. Anywhere north of Harding street and east o' Warbray Mews, and you're in Overgrowth. To get there..." He gives you a set of simple directions to an area on the northeast side of the city, near the forest that surrounds the inland side of Daunton.
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    Feeling slightly like most of what she had said was being ignored Merenwen simply decided it was best to keep quiet and follow the others, if the worst got to the worst she would be more than capable of leaving them behind... She valued life but given the amount of criticism that had come her way about ranged combat she had poor first impressions of the group as a whole. It was then that she picked up the end of the Minatours story, the injustice of it struck her to the core. "If you wish another hunter on your errand then i will gladly offer my help. Bow and my hunting skills are yours while you track these creatures Kilberth. Even should the move i could keep up with them and track them to the very ends of this earth with you." The loss of both her parents was a painful memory and she had no wish for any other creature to suffer this type of pain. It was truly wrong

    "Shall we be off then?" A voice laced with sarcasm added a comment so quietly that only those with elven hearing would possibly pick it up. "As we seem to want to run head long into this situation?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutoni
    "Shall we be off then?" A voice laced with sarcasm added a comment so quietly that only those with elven hearing would possibly pick it up. "As we seem to want to run head long into this situation?"
    Oh come now, Merenwen, no need to think that way. There is no point sending you too far ahead. Would you not rather have us nearby then waiting in the tavern?" Les strides through a nearby crowd and cocks her head at the elf, one hand on her waist and a grim smile across her face. Her armor is not nearly as polished as Raiyek's and bears the scrapes of many battles. Her multi-colored braids hang across the armor and parts nearly match its bronze hue.

    Besides, from what I hear, this is not the sort of place to be caught alone. Not that I doubt your skills at stealth. Elves are, after all, the skulking sort. With this comment she winks at the three elves in general and lets out a short laugh. So, we head out now. Raiyek, have you garnered directions for our travel? If so we can decide a more concrete plan after getting to the general location. It is a good idea to scout ahead, but at the same time I think we can make use of the other inhabitants of Overgrowth. There should be at least a few cowardly sneaks we can smoke out and exchange some coin with for word on Hoofchew's lair. No one can avoid Lauto's justice for long, even if a group of heterodox adventurers bring that justice.

    The gith shoulders her bag and secures it loosely so that a quick jerk of a strap will allow her to toss it aside. She still appears to be unarmed, but the plangent sound of metal as she shifts it makes it readily apparent that she has weapons on her. As soon as Raiyek relays what he learned, she begins to walk in that direction without waiting for the others. A simple wave of her hand beckons them to follow.

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